Campus Giving

All SPSCC employees can participate in the Campus Cares Employee Giving Campaign. By donating to support scholarships, college programs, and emergency assistance we all contribute to student success at SPSCC.

Campus Cares Volunteers

What is Campus Cares?

The Campus Cares campaign engages all SPSCC employees in donating to students to support scholarships, college programs, and emergency assistance.

Join Your Colleagues Today

If you would like to participate in the Campus Cares Employee Giving Campaign, it is easy and impactful. There is no gift “too small” to participate and every donation extends our reach.

You can donate by:

  • Giving through payroll deduction. For more information or to participate in payroll deduction, visit this page.
  • Giving through debit credit card. One-time donations can be made by debit or credit card, allowing your contribution to immediately begin working for your chosen designation.
  • Making a legacy gift

How do I find out how much I am already giving?

  • Login to Employee Earnings & Leave (Pay History) look for the line item "SPSCC Foundation" under your Check Information or; 
  • Contact HR for your payroll deduction information

If I am already contributing through monthly payroll deductions, how can I reduce or increase the amount?

  • Fill out a new Campus Cares form with the new amount

Are my payroll deductions tax deductible? 

  • Yes, annual consolidated tax receipts will be sent out each January for prior year's payroll deduction giving

What type of students/programs have the highest need? 

  • Entering "none" will automatically send your gift to the Area of Greatest Need. This fund is flexible and allows the SPSCC Foundation to quickly respond to new and urgent needs as they arise 
  • You can also designate your payroll deduction to a specific area. Emergency grants, for example, have been very instrumental in student support in 2020

What’s the difference between a fund, a program, and a scholarship? 

  • Donating to a fund generally means your gift is going to direct student support 
  • Donating to a program means your gift is going to a college program and is indirect student support 
  • Donating to a scholarship means your gift will be helping cover tuition and is direct student support

Can I give to two or more programs/funds/scholarships? 

  • Yes! You can fill out multiple campus cares forms and list the amount you would like to donate to each program/fund/scholarship

Is there a minimum amount needed to participate? 

  • No, you can participate at any giving amount and every gift, no matter how big or small, makes a difference

Administrative Fees

In support of general operating costs, a one-time fee of 5% will be assigned to all donations. Endowments will incur a fee of up to 2% annually.