Student Success

The Foundation supports the efforts of students to meet their goals, earn their degrees, and be successful contributors to their communities. As the needs and circumstances of students change, the Foundation strives to be agile and ready to help them meet those needs so they can continue to focus on their academic success.

How We Support Student Success

  • Raise funds to support student scholarships to help students pay tuition costs.
  • Raise money for grants to help cover education-related tools and unexpected basic needs expenses.
  • Connect individual supporters and business to SPSCC programs that align with their values and community-centered aspirations.
  • Create industry connections that can create internship and job opportunities.
  • Partner with College departments to create unique fundraising events that are meaningful to supporters.
  • Seek large grants and gifts to help the College supplement state funding that is essential for improving facilities and expanding campus spaces to better serve students.

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