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New or returning student

If you are new or returning after 2 or more quarters, applying online is fast and easy! Here's how »

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Running Start student

Follow the steps in the Running Start Checklist to apply and register as a Running Start student.

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Under age 18

The minimum age for admission to SPSCC is 18 years, unless the applicant has a high school diploma or GED certificate or is a participant in the Running Start program. Applicants under the age of 18 may request an exception to the minimum age requirement. Students must apply for admission, activate their student email account, and go through a pre-registration orientation. See registration information for under-18 applicants at SPSCC Pre Registration Orientation (PRO).

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International student

International students applying from outside the United States, see International admissions.

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Temporary student

See Temporary Students for applying with temporary status.

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