Community Impact

Community college is an entry point to higher education. For students, it can be a pathway to a career, an end to the generational cycle of poverty, or the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of a college degree.

In 2022,

  • The Foundation awarded


    in student scholarships

  • The Foundation awarded


    in student grants

  • Totaling


    in support of student success

These funds are made available by generous donors who support the college through initiatives including the Foundation’s Student Success Campaign.

Of the scholarship recipients, 36% were first-generation college students and 15% were returning to college after ten or more years. Additionally, 30% of scholarship recipients identified as a person of color, 24% identified as part of the LGBTQ+ community, and 10% were international students.

Student Success

Students supported by the Foundation have higher grade point averages, higher retention rates, and higher graduation rates than their peers. Your investment in student success, helps the College and Foundation work together to provide resources, programs, and funding to help close equity gaps and elevate opportunities for all students.

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