Emergency, Safety & Security

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Emergency & Weather Alerts

We notify our community via SPSCC Alerts (powered by Rave) in the event of an emergency, inclement weather, closures, or delays. Current students and employees can manage their alerts at the link below.

SPSCC Alerts (Rave) Login
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Friend or family? Text "spsccalerts" to 67283 to opt-in.

Incidents & Reporting

You deserve to be on a campus where you feel comfortable, safe, and supported. One way the Safety & Security Office can do this is by tracking on disruptive or unusual behavior, student concerns, or any incidents involving threats, weapons, property damange, assault, liquor or drug abuse, and more.

If you're ever wondering whether or not to report on an incident, you should report it.

Student Behaviors: BIT Reporting

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) monitors unusual student interactions or behaviors that occur at SPSCC. Based on referrals and reports, the BIT plans and implements intervention strategies to assist students (who may be of concern or at risk of not achieving their educational goals) before a crisis arises. Please use the BIT Report form to report any BIT concerns.

BIT Report Form

Academic Integrity Reporting

Report all potential violations of academic dishonesty (cheating and plagiarism), as stipulated in the Dishonesty Violation of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities (WAC 132X-60-090).

Academic Integrity Form

Bias Incident Reporting

Students and employees have the right to learn and work on a campus free of bias-motivated harassment. SPSCC has a strong commitment to creating an accepting and inclusive atmosphere for learning and working.

Bias Incident Report Form

Harassment, Sexual Harassment, or Discrimination

Any form of sexual harassment, harassment, or discrimination is expressly prohibited and will not be tolerated. If you believe that you have been discriminated against or harassed, you should submit the complaint form as soon as possible.

Harassment & Discrimination Complaint Form

Non-Emergency and Emergency Incidents

All employees and students should immediately report any crime, suspicious circumstance or person, or emergency to the Security Office by calling 360-596-5299 or 911.

To report a non-emergency incident, please complete the Incident Report Form.

Incident Report Form

Annual Security Reports