Foundation Scholarships

This year, the College Foundation awarded more scholarships than ever — 350 scholarships and grants totaling over $450,000 — awards range from $500 to $3,500. Endowed scholarships are awarded contingent upon availability of funds. For more information:

How to Apply

Students apply for all available scholarships through one online application. To be eligible for a Foundation scholarship, apply online during one of the application cycles, see dates and deadlines below. Applicants are matched with scholarship criteria and are reviewed and scored by a group of volunteers and staff. Applicants who are selected attend a scholarship orientation, sign up to receive the scholarship, and attend the Scholarship Reception held in the fall.

2017-18 Foundation Scholarship Awards

scholarship money coming soon

The application cycle for the 2017-18 awards is Feb. 14–May 5, 2017.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Apply to the college:
  2. Complete your scholarship application by the deadline:
    To complete your scholarship application, you’ll need to upload:
    • Biographical Essay:  Prepare a one- or two-page essay on the topic of: yourself, your journey, and what your education at SPSCC means for you.
    • 2 Letters of Recommendation:  Start early gathering letters from teachers, employers or community members.
    • Transcripts:  Gather high school and/or college transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable).
    • Income Information:  Find income information from your most recent tax return (and your parent’s income if applicable).
  3. Submit your FAFSA application:


Types of Scholarships

View the complete list of all scholarship opportunities or enter a search for your area of interest or type of scholarship in Opportunities listed at (most are listed below).

General Studies
  • Advantage Scholarship
  • Allen, Jeanette, Memorial Endowment
  • Bidot, Joseph, Memorial Scholarship
  • Boone Family Scholarship
  • Burg, Mabel, and Vera Westover Scholarship
  • Chapman Text Scholarship
  • Chehalis Tribes Friendship Scholarship, The
  • Cushman, Julie Ann, Memorial Emergency Grant Fund
  • Dickson, Sarah S., Scholarship in memory of her parents, James M. and Geraldine B. Schroeder
  • DiDonato, Paul A., DDS, Memorial Scholarship
  • Diversity Enhancement Scholarship
  • Dominick, Elizabeth and Bayard, & Mary and Bayard Coggeshall Scholarship
  • Drees, Doris, Scholarship
  • Dyer, George E., Memorial Scholarship
  • Elliott Family Next Endeavor Scholarship
  • Ellwanger, Benjamin S., Memorial Scholarship
  • Fell, Egbert and Florence, Scholarship
  • Friends of the College Foundation Scholarship
  • Fuller, Leonor and Jay, Scholarship
  • Garson, Dana, Scholarship
  • Green, Josephine Murdock, Scholarship
  • Hakala, Col. Robert W. and Laura L., Scholarship
  • Halsan, Mariana, Scholarship
  • Harper, Patricia and Jerry, Scholarship
  • Harvest Moon Celebration Scholarship
  • Heck Family Scholarship
  • Hope, Dorothy Helen, Endowment
  • Hough Helping Hand Scholarship
  • International Education Scholarship for Study Abroad
  • International Student Legacy Scholarship
  • James, Norma, Scholarship
  • Junior League of Olympia Legacy Scholarship
  • Kohler Family Scholarship
  • L & E Bottling Company Pepsi Scholarship
  • Lacey Midday Lions Club Scholarship
  • Lewis, Harry B., Scholarship
  • LGBTQ and Ally Scholarship
  • Lynch, John S. and Naomi, Scholarship
  • Margie's Fund Scholarship
  • Marshall, Thurgood, Scholarship
  • Martin, Joseph A., Memorial Scholarship
  • McDonald's Restaurants Scholarship
  • McRavin, Matthias Patrick, Memorial Scholarship
  • Mell Family Scholarship
  • Minnaert, Dr. Kenneth and Elaine, Presidential Scholarship
  • Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Scholarship
  • Odegard, Em and Ed, New Beginning Scholarship
  • Olympia Brewing Company Employees Beneficial Trust Scholarship
  • Olympia Country & Golf Club Scholarship
  • Olympia Tumwater Foundation Scholarship
  • PEO Sisterhood Scholarship
  • Prickly Heat Acres, K. McMillin Knuth Scholarship
  • Pumphrey, Dr. Gerald, Presidential Scholarship
  • Rath, Sar, Scholarship
  • Reese, Colin, Memorial Scholarship
  • Reiner, Marvin and Mary-Lynne Scholarship, The
  • Roberts, Josh, Memorial Scholarship
  • Rotary Club of West Olympia Scholarship
  • Schmidt, Nicholas M., Scholarship
  • Second Growth Scholarship
  • Seeley, Marian H., Altrusa International of Olympia Scholarship
  • Serendipity Academy Scholarship
  • Shank, Helen C., Memorial Student Need Grant
  • Simpson, Harold W. and Barbara A. Betaque, Family Scholarship
  • Social Science Research Paper Contest
  • South Puget Sound Community College Vice Presidents' Scholarship
  • South Puget Sound Community College 50th Anniversary Scholarship
  • Sullivan, Anne, Scholarship
  • Student Emergency Grant Fund
  • Study Abroad Grant
  • Thompson, Greg, Memorial Scholarship
  • Uhrich, Jake, Memorial Scholarship
  • Vo Family Scholarship
  • Wadley Family Scholarship
  • Warren, George, Short Essay Contest
  • Washington Restaurant Association Education Foundation - Gene Vosberg Legacy Scholarship
  • "We Build America" Scholarship
  • Western States Auto Theft Investigators - NW Chapter Scholarship
  • Willis, Kathleen M., Memorial Scholarship
  • Wilson, Frances Naomi, Scholarship
  • Wolf, Kathy, Memorial Scholarship
  • Women's Leadership Council of the United Way of Thurston County Scholarship
  • Zonta Club of South Puget Sound Scholarship
Arts, Communications, and Cultural Studies
  • Achievement in the Arts Scholarship
  • Bean, Steve and Nancy, and Daryl and the Diptones, Rock 'n Roll Scholarship
  • Frank Family Scholarship in the Arts
  • Greene Family Scholarship in the Arts
  • Huffine, Sherman R., Scholarship in Arts and Humanities
  • Perciful, Jack, Scholarship in the Fine and Performing Arts
  • Rhodes, Donald V., Scholarship in the Arts
  • Warjone, John and Sally, Family Scholarship in the Arts
  • Anthropology Cultural Resources Management Scholarship
  • Robertson, Nellie, Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing and Journalism
  • Shurgot, William J., Memorial Scholarship in Humanities
Automotive, Welding, and Manufacturing
  • Brewington, H.V. "Brew," Scholarship in Automotive Technology
  • Collins, James, Memorial Scholarship in Automotive Technology
  • Corvettes de Olympia Scholarship in Automotive Technology
  • Reading, Whit, Scholarship in Automotive Technology
  • South Puget Sound Community College Automotive Technology Program Scholarship
  • Titus-Will Chevrolet, Cadillac, Hyundai Scholarship in Automotive Technology
  • TwinStar Credit Union Scholarship in Automotive Technology
  • Witt Family Automotive Scholarship, The
Business and Accounting
  • American Business Womens' Association Scholarship
  • Anderson, Wesley, Memorial Scholarship in Business
  • Association of Government Accountants Scholarship
  • Bliss Family Scholarship in Accounting or Finance
  • Heritage Bank Scholarship in Business
  • KeyBank Scholarship in Business
  • O'Neill, Charles and Lenora, Scholarship in Business, Land Management and Related Studies
  • Rhodes, Donald V., Scholarship in Business Studies
  • TwinStar Credit Union Scholarship in Business
  • Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants, Olympia Chapter Scholarship
Culinary Arts
  • Anthony's Restaurants Scholarship in Culinary Arts
  • Goldberg Family Scholarship in Culinary Arts
  • Reading, Ann, Scholarship in Culinary Arts
  • South Puget Sound Community College Culinary Arts Program Scholarship
  • Brunton, Lynn Matheson, RHD, Scholarship in Dental Assisting
  • Goerig, Albert C., DDS, Scholarship in Dental Assisting
  • Hagerty, Robert F., DDS, Scholarship in Dental Assisting
  • Thurston-Mason Counties Dental Society Incentive Grants
  • Thurston-Mason Counties Dental Society Scholarship for National Boards
  • Deck, Bert A., Memorial Scholarship in Early Childhood Education
  • Kardonsky, Captain Walt, Memorial Scholarship for Parent Education
  • Mason, Dr. Cole and Holly, Scholarship in Early Childhood Education
  • Mayeda Family Scholarship in Early Childhood Education
Fire and Emergency Services Technology
  • Fire and Emergency Services Technology Scholarship
Healthcare and Nursing
  • Arnold, Edith, Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
  • Brown, Dr. D. Mark, Scholarship in Healthcare
  • Evans, Ruth Murphy, Scholarship in Nursing
  • Fell, Dr. Thomas, Scholarship in Healthcare
  • Hettinger Family Scholarship in Healthcare
  • Maury, H. "Jerry" and Esther C., Scholarship in Healthcare
  • McIntosh, Barb, Scholarship in Nursing
  • McRavin, Gisela, The Ray of Hope Scholarship in Nursing
  • Murphy Evans, Ruth, Scholarship in Nursing
  • Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Scholarship in Healthcare
  • Olympia Physicians Scholarship in Healthcare
  • Providence St. Peter Gift Shop Scholarship in Nursing
  • St. Peter Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship in Nursing
  • Savage, Marilyn, Nursing Scholarship
  • Schulz, Bertha, Scholarship in Nursing
  • Thurston-Mason County Medical Society Alliance Scholarship in Healthcare
  • Todak, Stephanie, Memorial Scholarship in Nursing, The
  • Tucker, Larry and Betty, Scholarship in Healthcare
  • Young, Sandra Lumsden, Scholarship in Nursing
  • Foley, Frank W., Scholarship in Legal and Related Studies
  • Thurston County Bar Association Scholarship
Science, Engineering, and Math
  • Capital District Garden Clubs Horticulture Scholarship
  • Information Processing Management Association Scholarship in Computer Technology Studies
  • Interlaaken Garden Club: Janet Worthen Memorial Scholarship in Horticulture
  • Judah, William and Dorothy, Scholarship in the Arts and Sciences
  • Martin, Michael, CAD/BIM Scholarship
  • Master Gardener Foundation of Thurston County Scholarship in Horticulture
  • Moody-McClanahan Scholarship in Math and Science
  • Steele, Joelle, Scholarship in Computer Aided Drafting
  • Steele, Joelle, Scholarship in Computer Information Technology
Vocational-Technical Programs and Basic Skills
  • Greer Basic Skills Tuition Fund
  • Hanson, Nels and Phyllis, Presidential Scholarship in Trades and Technologies
  • Shank, Helen C., Memorial Scholarship in Vocational-Technical Education
  • Soroptimist International Scholarship in Vocational-Technical Education
Emergency Aid for Students
  • Advantage Scholarship
  • Jeanette Allen Memorial Endowment
  • Julie Ann Cushman Memorial Emergency Grant Fund
  • Dorothy Helen Hope Endowment
  • Greer Basic Skills Tuition Fund
  • Helen C. Shank Memorial Student Need Grant
  • Helen C. Shank Memorial Scholarship in Vocational-Technical Education
  • Student Emergency Grant Fund
Specialty Awards
  • Captain Walt Kardonsky Memorial Scholarship for Parent Education
  • Social Science Research Paper Contest
  • South Puget Sound Community College Culinary Arts Program Scholarship
  • Thurston-Mason Counties Dental Society Incentive Grant
  • Thurston-Mason Counties Dental Society Scholarship for National Boards
  • George Warren Short Essay Contest