Challenge conventional wisdom, develop your reasoning and critical thinking skills, and engage in spirited debate. The study of philosophy engages your most fundamental beliefs and values, enriching your educational, professional, and overall life experience.

SPSCC offers courses in introductory philosophy, ethics, logic, Asian philosophy, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science and technology, and more. Whether you’re taking a single course for enrichment or pursuing a passion, philosophy helps you understand more about who you really are – and how you can create a meaningful and productive life in our ever-changing world.

What’s Different at SPSCC?

Meet distinguished speakers. SPSCC’s annual Artist & Lecture Series brings scholars, outspoken activists, and passionate artists to speak and perform on campus each year. Philosophy students will have several opportunities to broaden their horizons and embrace new perspectives.

Continue your studies abroad. After earning your associate degree at SPSCC, you can continue to study philosophy abroad and earn your bachelor’s degree through one of our exciting international transfer programs. Soak in new experiences, broaden your horizons, and finish your 4-year degree abroad.

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