Advising, Career & Transfer Center

The ACT Center is the home of your assigned Educational & Career Planner who will help you achieve your educational and career goals. Current students can make an appointment online or visit during walk in hours. New students should attend New Student Orientation for support.

A staff member standing behind the desk in the ACT Center

About the ACT Center

The ACT Center's Educational & Career Planners are here to help you identify a Pathway and program of study that aligns with your educational, career, and transfer goals. We’ll help you create a degree plan to keep you on track to graduate and help you find resources to achieve your goals for the future.

Appointments ensure one-on-one time with an Educational & Career Planner for you to:

  • Compare different degrees in detail
  • Create a degree plan
  • Begin transfer planning
  • Receive an unofficial review of transcripts from other colleges

Current students: Make an appointment in Compass >

Walk In advising is for current students who need answers to quick questions, such as:

  • Degree plan questions
  • Check on graduation readiness
  • Other "quick" questions


The ACT Center provides students with the knowledge they need to identify educational goals, develop an appropriate educational plan, and monitor progress toward achieving those goals. The ACT Center believes that:

  • Educational advising is an integral part of a comprehensive student success program.
  • Student/faculty interaction is an important factor in student success, and educational advising provides for such interaction.
  • The college is responsible for providing varied approaches to advising that serve the diverse student population.
  • The individual student is ultimately responsible for their educational and life decisions.