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Get involved! Build your community by joining a student club or organization and participate in fun activities around campus.

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Clubs & Organizations

The Office of Student Life is home to a vibrant and eclectic collection of clubs and organizations. For more information or to start a new club, visit our office upstairs in the Student Union Building (Building 27).

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Active Clubs

  • Active Minds

    Advisor: Chandra Miller-Starks

    The purpose of Active Minds is to raise awareness about mental health and erase stigma through campus events.

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  • ARS Nova

    Advisor: John Guarente

    The purpose of ASR Nova is to create a safe community space for people who play or appreciate music of any kind to come together and share ideas, enhance musicianship through local musical companies, and explore different ideas and concepts in music inside and outside the classroom.

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  • Chinese Club

    Advisor: Ting Song

    The purpose of this club is to promote Chinese culture, introduce students to Chinese history and customs, and provide a platform for interested students to practice and improve their Chinese language skills. We aim to promote cultural exchanges between members of different backgrounds, create opportunities for intercultural learning and appreciation, and organize activities to help students experience and learn skills such as calligraphy.

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  • Climate Justice & Solutions

    Advisor: Stephanie Malmgren

    The purpose of this club is to come together to learn about historical and current climate injustices, so we can gain skills and knowledge to better engage in climate justice and equity work. We seek to identify possible beneficial solutions that can be deployed to improve our global climate crisis at a local scale. We will enhance our members' worldviews with different perspectives using stories to address the difficult conversations around global climate change. We will work to engage in community service projects locally, and possibly abroad, to help communities adapt to, and mitigate the effects of, global climate change -- and encourage others to participate in the cause.

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  • Creative Writing Club

    Advisor: Kim Mccallister

    The purpose of Creative Writing Club is to create a safe, inclusive space for student writers to write together and share their creative work, to plan on-campus creative-writing related events, such as readings from local authors and open mic nights, to collaborate with staff and faculty on creative writing workshops and other activities.

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  • Film Society

    Advisor: Michael Gray

    The purpose of the Film Society is to encourage and promote interest in film production and to establish a shared community for students and artists to gather, watch, discuss, and create movies and films.

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  • Gaming Club

    Advisor: Jesse Pestana

    The purpose of the Gaming Club is to foster connections among SPSCC gamers that will lead to shared experiences and a gaming community.

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  • Mad Hatters

    Advisor: Andy Leiren

    The purpose of the Mad Hatters is to further understand computer science-related fields, increase knowledge, attend cybersecurity conferences, and provide community outreach.

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  • Rainbow Spectrum Alliance

    Advisor: Masa Kawamura

    The purpose of Rainbow Spectrum is to provide a safe and inclusive space to meet, communicate, and educate for queer members of the community and allies while having fun.

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  • Tomodachi Circle

    Advisor: Aki Suzuki

    The purpose of Tomodachi Circle is to provide opportunities to experience Japanese culture while playing games and enjoying crafts with everyone who is interested in Japanese culture.

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  • Veteran Club

    Advisor: Fred Creek

    The purpose of the Veteran Club is to foster connections among SPSCC veterans, service members, and their families that will lead to shared experiences and camaraderie.

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Student in a purple button up shirt holding a pride flag
“I really want to provide a safe space for queer people and I also want it to be fun!” said Avian de Keizer Mendoza, President of the Rainbow Spectrum.

Student Leadership

Represent and serve your peers as a member of Student Leadership. The Student Senate (ASB) works with clubs and organizations to bring events to campus, manages funding, and acts as student government. The Campus Activity Board (CAB) plans and hosts a variety of events, lectures, and programs throughout the year for the community to enjoy.

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Student Publications

Share your unique perspective and creativity through Student Publications. The Sounds is an independently organized news service run by students that accepts submissions from students, staff, faculty, and the community. The Percival Review is SPSCC’s annual award-winning literary arts journal with contributions of writing, art, and music from students. The Social Media Team connects with the community through regular posts and videos highlighting the student experience on SPSCC’s social media accounts.

eSports & Activities

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    Clipper eSports

    Clipper eSports provides student-athletes opportunities to develop professional pathways through education, coaching, practice, and competitive gaming.

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    Clipper Athletics

    Join one of our five teams–men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, and women’s volleyball–or become a fan of #TheClipperNation.