Strategic Plan

SPSCC's mission is to support student success in postsecondary academic transfer and workforce education that responds to the needs of the South Puget Sound region.

SPSCC supports student success and builds prosperity by collaborating with the community and our partners to offer innovative, accessible, and affordable learning experiences. We embrace all of our students and the diversity of their goals. We employ devoted people who mirror the diversity of our community and contribute to an inclusive and welcoming environment. By investing in the talent and creativity of our staff and faculty, we construct clear and compelling pathways that lead our students to successful outcomes. We strive to be fiscally responsible. Our strategic use of technology embedded in purposeful instruction helps students persist and achieve their academic goals.

Our graduating class reflects the community we serve, and our students successfully transition from higher learning into the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Pursues excellence – We use our resources responsibly and ethically in pursuit of excellence. We continuously improve our programs, services, and operations.

Operates in an atmosphere of accountability and respect – We work cooperatively in taking on challenges, making good decisions, helping each other be successful, and promoting respectful, open, and safe communication.

Responds to and partners with the communities we serve – We continually monitor and are responsive to the community’s changing needs in an increasingly global economy. We seek opportunities for effective partnerships with community members, businesses, and organizations.

Fosters inclusiveness at our campuses – We honor diversity and encourage compassion for individual expression. We promote inclusiveness and equity on our campus and in the community.

Provides student-centered education – We facilitate student success by maximizing learning opportunities and reducing barriers. We provide resources to support students in achieving their goals.

South Puget Sound Community College is a learning community that embodies social justice, equity and inclusion. SPSCC seeks to empower students, faculty and staff to fully participate in a society of increasingly diverse identities and experiences. SPSCC actively works to eliminate all forms of discrimination and provide an education that reflects the diversity of our community and a deeper understanding of the dynamics of power and privilege that perpetuate inequity and inequality.

Core Themes

1 - Student Achievement

We prepare students for further education and employment.

Goal 1: Increase student persistence
Measures of Achievement

  • Students transition from prior basic skills into pre-college math
  • Students transition from 0 to 15 college-level credits within the year
  • Students transition from 30 to 45 college-level credits within the year
  • Students complete a college-level math within their first academic year
  • Students are continuously enrolled during their first academic year

Goal 2: Increase certificate and degree completion in transfer and workforce programs
Measures of Achievement

  • Students graduate with a degree/certificate within 3 years

Goal 3: Increase job placement for workforce education students
Measures of Achievement

  • Workforce students are employed within 12 months after completion/graduation

2 – Equity

Given the diversity of our changing community, we cultivate an environment that reduces barriers and removes equity gaps. 

Goal 1: Close equity gaps
Measures of Achievement

  • Achievement gap: Fall to Fall Retention
    • Comparison between all full time and part time students
    • Comparison between Historically Underrepresented and Caucasian/Asian students
    • Comparison between students who receive Pell financial aid and students who do not receive Pell financial aid
  • Achievement gap: 3-year Completion
    • Comparison between full time and part time students
    • Comparison between Historically Underrepresented and Caucasian/Asian students
    • Comparison between students who receive Pell financial aid and students who do not receive Pell financial aid
  • Proportion of Historically Underrepresented graduates mirror the fall enrollments of Historically Underrepresented students.

Goal 2: Increase the ethnic diversity of faculty, staff, and administrative/exempt employees
Measures of Achievement

  • Faculty by ethnic demographics
  • Classified staff by ethnic demographics
  • Administrative/exempt staff by ethnic demographics

3 - Learning and Engagement

We create accessible and enriching student experiences.

Goal 1: Enhance General Education Competency
Measures of Achievement

  • Students who meet the College Wide Abilities:
    • Communicate Effectively
    • Computation
    • Critical Thinking
    • Ethics
    • Multicultural Awareness

Goal 2: Enhance quality student experiences and campus life activities
Measures of Achievement

  • Student satisfaction with student life activities
  • Student satisfaction of campus support services