International Intensive English Program

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Improve Your English Before College

SPSCC's Intensive English Program (IEP - 12 credits) will help you improve your English proficiency for use in academics, business, communication, careers, and culture. You will receive personal attention, a conversation partner to improve your speaking, free tutoring, and access to the College's writing center for support with your written assignments.

Advantages of IEP include:

  • Learn in small classes with qualified faculty who have experience working with students from around the world.
  • 12 hours of intensive instruction each week
  • No English Proficiency Score is required. Students take the English Placement Test to determine their IEP level during International Student Orientation.
  • Gain direct admission into SPSCC academic or high school completion program after the final level.

There are six levels to the program, from beginning through advanced. Students typically complete the Intensive English Program in four levels or less and begin taking college classes. Students can earn an Intensive English Program Completion Certificate. New terms begin in September, January, April and July. Classes include:

  • Language Conventions and Grammar
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking and Listening

English Placement Test

All incoming IE students without a TOEFL score take the IE Placement Test. The IE Placement Test consists of writing, reading, listening and speaking sections. Scores for each section are considered when placing students into IE levels. After taking the IE Placement Test, if students want to take the college placement test, they are free to do so. However, if students do not place into college classes the original IE level placement still stands.

Students who satisfy one of the approved English Proficiency Requirements may take the standard college placement test and register for academic courses. Students who meet one of these requirements will not be required to participate in the Intensive English Program.

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