We all want a prosperous life: a life where we can provide for ourselves and for our families; one where we can be productive and can contribute to our communities...a good life. At South Puget Sound Community College, we are committed to helping our students achieve the skills they need for the life they want.

The pathway to that prosperous life may start at South Puget Sound and then transfer to a four-year college or university. Or the path may take you through one of our professional-technical programs and directly into the workplace.

Along the way, you will find creative and innovative faculty and staff committed to excellence and to the successful completion of your education goals. You’ll learn in a respectful, inclusive environment, and you’ll find that our connections to our community will enrich your college experience. At the completion of your journey, we want you to leave us with the educational and professional skills that will help you thrive in the world beyond the classroom.

Welcome to South Puget Sound Community College and to the path to the life you want.