Automotive, Welding & Machining Pathway

Automotive Technology

Associate in Applied Science

Work with leading-edge tools and equipment to solve problems and get creative across several growing trades. Auto technician, machinist, or welder—set a target on your career via our Automotive, Welding, and Manufacturing Pathway.

At the completion of the Automotive Technology program, the successful student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze and provide diagnostic solutions to automotive repair projects
  • Apply effective communication skills as a team member by properly completing work order summaries containing the three “C’s” (complaint, cause, correction)
  • Interpret and apply mathematical equations used in the automotive industry
  • Apply the appropriate legal repair standards and technical practices while diagnosing and repairing customer-based cars
  • Critique their own ability to work effectively and collaboratively in multi-disciplinary lab teams
  • Be proficient in the safe and proper use of automotive hand tools
  • Demonstrate the skills and knowledge in the use of modern shop diagnostic and repair equipment
  • Demonstrate the hands-on competency in the following NATEF task areas; automatic transmission/transaxle, manual drive train, steering and suspension systems, brakes, electrical/electronic systems, heating and air conditioning, engine performance and engine repair
  • Research applicable vehicle information using computer based service manuals
  • Demonstrate the ability to write a vehicle work order summary containing the three “C” (complaint, cause, correction)
  • Demonstrate the entry-level knowledge necessary to take the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) tests

Program Costs

The required set of first-year professional grade tools will typically cost anywhere between $2,000 to $10,000 depending on quality and brand from the vendor.  Second-year purchases of professional-grade tools are highly recommended before graduation and can cost between $3,000 and $4,200 depending on quality and brand from the vendor. Books will cost approximately $300 for the two-year course.

Advanced Placement of Credit

Students with a previous automotive background or completion of high school automotive training can receive advanced placement credit for AUTO 100 and enroll directly into AUTO 141/142/143 depending on the quarter the student is starting. Students with no previous automotive training must enroll in AUTO 100 or have the instructor’s permission. Students may enroll in AUTO 100 concurrently.

For the technician in the field, single classes may be taken for update upon instructor approval. For information during summer quarter, please contact the the Advising, Career & Transfer Center at 360-596-5261.

The Automotive Technology Program curriculum is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). They are also certified through Boeing's Pre-Employment Training (BPET) program where students are eligible to bypass the interview process when applying for certain manufacturing jobs at Boeing. 

Quarter Plan

Search Schedule

Quarter 1

Students have several options for their starting point. Some students may start in our Transition Studies programs: Adult Basic Education, ESL, High School+, and Basic Computer Skills.

Quarter 2

CCS101 3cr Pathways to Success
Cultivates the mind-set and skills necessary for students to become confident, reflective, self-directing, and successful learners.

MATH101 5cr Technical Mathematics I
Covers the theories and applications of mathematics used in technical fields with emphasis on problem solving strategies, measurement, algebra, geometry, unit conversions and the metric system. Fees: $12.00 Natural Applied Science Course Fee

AUTO100 5cr Introduction to Automotive Technology
Introduces basic engine and electrical systems design on most import and domestic automobiles, including green technology vehicles. Emphasizes basic electrical theory, use of automobile owner manuals, technical service information, computer-based information systems, tools, shop safety practices, and OSHA regulations and procedures. Prerequisite: None. Fees: $50.00 Automotive Tech Course Fee

Quarter 3

AUTO141 13cr Chassis Systems
Provides an in-depth study of modern domestic and import vehicle steering, suspension, and braking systems including inspection, diagnosis, repair, and adjustment.
Choose One:

ENGL090 5cr Integrated Reading and Writing I
Introduces students to college-level reading and writing. Focuses on reading strategies, critical thinking, and writing unified paragraphs. ENGL 090 classes are combined with ENGL 095 classes, and students who demonstrate ENGL 095 proficiency may earn ENGL 095 credit. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement or an �S� in ABE 054, ABE 055, ESL 065, ESL 066, IE 065, or IE 066.
ENGL095 5cr Integrated Reading and Writing II
Prepares students for entry into college-level writing courses. Focuses on reading analytically, thinking critically, and writing coherent, well-supported texts. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement based on Reading & English CPT scores or transition test.

Quarter 4

AUTO142 13cr Electrical/Electronic Systems
Provides an in-depth study of the electrical/electronic systems in modern vehicles. Emphasizes Ohm�s Law, electrical diagrams, diagnosis of advanced circuits, battery systems and testing including high voltage batteries, and automotive starting, charging, and chassis accessory circuits.
Choose One:

ENGL098 5cr Transitional English Composition
Introduces strategies and techniques writers use to convey ideas and participate in multiple discourse communities. Focuses on both the process and product of composing. English 098 classes are combined with English 101 classes, and students who demonstrate English 101 proficiency may earn ENGL& 101 credit. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement OR a 'C' or better in ENGL 095. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee
ENGL&101 5cr English Composition I
Develops strategies and techniques writers use to convey ideas and participate in multiple discourse communities. Focuses on both the process and product of composing. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee

Quarter 5

AUTO143 13cr Engine Repair
Introduces basic engine component identification and engine theory on most import and domestic vehicles. Emphasizes engine condition diagnosis, disassembly, engine measurements and component diagnosis, precise measuring procedures, and engine reassembly.

Quarter 6

AUTO241 13cr Manual Drivetrains
Provides an in-depth study of modern domestic and import vehicle manual transmissions, clutches, all wheel drive, differential, axles, and electric vehicle drive systems including inspection, diagnosis, repair, and adjustment.
Choose One Human Relations / Diversity (5cr)

KINS150 5cr Intro to Adaptive Physical Activity: Diversity
Explores the purpose, design, development and use of adaptive physical activities that benefit people with disabilities. Includes a culminating hands-on project to develop an adapted physical recreation device in partnership with local physical and/or occupational therapists. Prerequisite: None. Fees: $35.00 Natural Applied Science Lab Fee
PSYC116 5cr Psychology of Human Relations: Diversity
Introduces students to the psychology of human relationships. Examines how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors impact communication in a multicultural world. Fees: $12.00 Social Science/Business Course Fee
CMST&210 5cr Interpersonal Communication: Diversity
Focuses on understanding and developing interpersonal communication skills needed to build and maintain healthy one-on-one relationships in both personal and professional contexts. Examines how diverse communication styles can impact relationships. Prerequisite: None. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee
CMST240 5cr Intercultural Communication: Diversity (RETIRED)
Introduces intercultural communication theories and concepts with applications. Explores the communication processes when people enter new cultural context or interact with people who have different cultural identities. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee
HUM121 5cr Multicultural America: Diversity
Explores the history, cultures, and contributions of race and ethnic groups in the United States and the complex notion of an 'American' identity. Analyzes the impacts of power, privilege, and socialization on our understanding of race and ethnicity. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee

Quarter 7

AUTO242 7cr Automatic Transmissions
Explores the theory, operation, tools and techniques necessary to properly maintain, diagnose, service, and repair automatic transmissions, hybrid transmissions, torque converters, and all related components.

AUTO243 6cr Heating and Air Conditioning
Explores the theory, operation, tools, and techniques necessary to properly maintain, diagnose, service, and repair both manual and automatic temperature-controlled systems in automobiles, including hybrid and electric components.

Quarter 8

AUTO244 13cr Engine Performance
Provides an in-depth study of engine management systems, the diagnostic process used to locate complex engine performance concerns, and procedures used to restore normal operations. Emphasizes fuels and fuel systems, exhaust gas analysis, emission control components and systems, electric vehicle operation and systems, and alternative fuel systems.

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