Business, Finance & Office Administration Pathway

Business Operations Coordinator

Certificate of Completion

You have an eye for opportunity and demand—learn how to organize, plan, manage, and play a key role in the fast-paced and growing world of business. From small businesses to Fortune 500 environments, your future as an accountant, advertising executive, or administrative assistant begins in our Business, Finance, and Office Administration Pathway.

At the completion of the Business Operations Coordinator Certificate, the successful student will be able to:

  • Analyze and evaluate alternatives that lead to successful accomplishment of organizational objectives
  • Create and present information in written, oral, and symbolic forms to clearly convey business information  
  • Formulates strategies to collect and evaluate quantitative and qualitative data to support organizational objectives
  • Recognize and assesses ethical dilemmas in the workplace
  • Recognize and adapt interpersonal behaviors and communication styles to effectively collaborate in a multicultural world
  • Support and manage the operations of a small organization within a variety of fields 
  • Create documents and maintain records important to the daily operation of the business
  • Manage customer or client expectations
  • Use a variety of media, including the web, to market the business

Quarter Plan

Search Schedule

Quarter 1

MATH092 5cr Mathematical Reasoning
Introduces operations with rational numbers, applications, problem solving skills, expressions, solving linear equations, and graphing linear relationships.
Choose One:

ENGL090 5cr Integrated Reading and Writing I
Introduces students to college-level reading and writing. Focuses on reading strategies, critical thinking, and writing unified paragraphs. ENGL 090 classes are combined with ENGL 095 classes, and students who demonstrate ENGL 095 proficiency may earn ENGL 095 credit. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement or an �S� in ABE 054, ABE 055, ESL 065, ESL 066, IE 065, or IE 066.
ENGL095 5cr Integrated Reading and Writing II
Prepares students for entry into college-level writing courses. Focuses on reading analytically, thinking critically, and writing coherent, well-supported texts. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement based on Reading & English CPT scores or transition test.

CCS101 3cr Pathways to Success
Cultivates the mind-set and skills necessary for students to become confident, reflective, self-directing, and successful learners.

Quarter 2

BUS104 5cr Business Math
Emphasizes solving practical problems in business, including percentages, payroll, simple and compound interest, annuities, discounts, and markups using a calculator. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement or a 'C' or better in MATH 092 or an 'S' in ABE 065. Fees: $12.00 Social Science & Business Course Fee
Choose One:

ENGL&101 5cr English Composition I
Develops strategies and techniques writers use to convey ideas and participate in multiple discourse communities. Focuses on both the process and product of composing. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee

BUS&101 5cr Introduction to Business
Introduces current concepts and structures of American business. Covers the functions of business: forms of ownership, management, marketing, production, finance, and the economy. Fees: $12.00 Social Science & Business Course Fee

Quarter 3

ACCT&201 5cr Principles of Accounting I
Examines the basic structure of accounting, including receivables, payables, merchandise inventory, deferrals, accruals, and internal controls. Fees: $12.00 Social Science Course Fee

OFTEC108 3cr Introduction to Microsoft Office
Introduces the software components of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Prerequisite: None. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

BUS160 5cr Principles of Marketing
Introduces fundamental principles of marketing with an emphasis on application of the concepts. Fees: $12.00 Social Science & Business Course Fee

Quarter 4

OFTEC141 5cr Microsoft Excel
Covers Excel worksheet and workbook concepts and functions. Introduces advanced topics such as database functions and macros. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

OFTEC136 5cr Microsoft Word I
Prepares students to use the features of Microsoft Word software to create a variety of documents for business or personal use. The ability to type at least 25 words per minute (wpm) is recommended. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

BUS260 5cr Principles of Management: Diversity
Describes the functions of management with an emphasis on current management issues, including the impact of diversity in the workplace. Fees: $12.00 Social Science & Business Course Fee

Quarter 5

BUS140 5cr Customer Service
Introduces the importance of developing a service-oriented organization whose practices foster customer retention and loyalty. Develops skills in problem-solving, communication in both oral and written form, critical thinking and decision-making in order to identify and respond to customer needs.
Choose One

BUS220 5cr Starting and Managing a Small Business
Describes the steps in business planning through the development of a business plan. Prerequisite: None. Fees: $12.00 Social Science & Business Course Fee
CMST110 5cr Introduction to Social Media
Investigates how social media, platforms, and applications shape human behavior and communications. Students will develop skills analyzing and using social media for personal, strategic, and professional purposes. Prerequisite: None. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee
OFTEC125 4cr Digital Productivity Tools
Introduces web-based tools used for office productivity and workflow management. Includes personal information systems and file sharing. Prerequisite: None. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee
Choose One

CMST&220 5cr Public Speaking
Introduces oral communication theory and public speaking/listening practice as applied to a variety of settings and audiences. Students will learn to verbally inform and persuade an audience using a variety of speech types. Prerequisite: None. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee
CMST240 5cr Intercultural Communication: Diversity (RETIRED)
Introduces intercultural communication theories and concepts with applications. Explores the communication processes when people enter new cultural context or interact with people who have different cultural identities. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee

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