As a student in Humanities, you’ll explore crucial questions about what it is to be human: the languages we speak, the art we create, the ways we think and act, or the way we record and understand our history. You’ll engage in challenging, interdisciplinary study of the arts, pop culture, music, religion, mass media, literature, multiculturalism, and history, leaving you with new perspectives on everyday activities, interactions, cultures – and even yourself.

What’s different at SPSCC?

Publish your work. Students produce their own newspaper, The Sounds, and the annual literature and arts journal, the Percival Review. The Sounds offers both paid and volunteer positions for student editors, reports, photographers, and advertising representatives, while the Percival Review takes yearly submissions of poetry, literature, art, and music from the student body. Both works present an exciting opportunity for students to express their creativity and get published in the process.

Join diverse student-led clubs. SPSCC hosts a number of student-led culture, language, and interest-based clubs to help broaden your horizons and ensure you’ll always have a place to call home.

Careers in Humanities

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