International / Intercultural Studies

Are you genuinely curious about other cultures and languages? Do you enjoy the study of culture, politics, history, geography, and the arts? International / Intercultural Studies courses at SPSCC allow you to learn more about six major global regions: Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and East, South and Southeast Asia. SPSCC professors have expertise in these regions and personal backgrounds in Spanish, History, English, Business, Communications and other fields.

Students typically take these classes to think critically about contemporary global issues, complement Study Abroad programs, or explore business from a global perspective.

What’s different at SPSCC?

Study abroad at a fraction of the cost. SPSCC’s study abroad program connects you to several scholarship and grant opportunities. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in another culture across the globe, gaining valuable knowledge and cultural perspective, all at a lower cost than you might find at a 4-year institution.

Join diverse student-led clubs. SPSCC hosts a number of student-led clubs to help broaden your horizons and ensure you’ll always have a place to call home. Clubs centered on a specific language or culture are of particular interest to International / Intercultural Studies students.

Careers in International / Intercultural Studies

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