Information Technology Pathway

Software Development

Associate in Applied Science

Put your passions to work in one of the most relevant and in-demand industries—Information Technology. Become a game developer, civil engineer, cybersecurity guru, or IT network engineer and work in virtually any industry and any country. Take your next step into our Information Technology Pathway.

After completing the Software Development program, the successful student will be able to:

  • Plan, create, modify, and debug software solutions to problems using industry standard tools
  • Present technical information to diverse audiences both orally and in writing
  • Evaluate and apply technical information from a variety of sources
  • Collaborate with diverse groups and individuals
  • Describe information technology’s role within an organization
  • Explain general principles of the software development process
  • Identify basic cybersecurity concepts
  • Evaluate quantitative and symbolic data in translating user and organization needs into applications

Quarter Plan

Search Schedule

Quarter 1

Students have several options for their starting point. Some students may start in our Transition Studies programs: Adult Basic Education, ESL, High School+, and Basic Computer Skills.

Quarter 2

CCS101 3cr Pathways to Success
Cultivates the mind-set and skills necessary for students to become confident, reflective, self-directing, and successful learners.

AMATH097 7cr Accelerated Intermediate Algebra
Accelerated class that gives students the opportunity to complete MATH 092, MATH 096, and MATH 097 in one quarter. Introduces the study of linear equations and polynomials, including equation of a line, systems of linear equations, properties of exponents, operations on polynomials, factoring, and solving factorable quadratic equations. Students should take this course if they plan to pursue a pathway that requires MATH 099 (STEM) or MATH 147 (Business) or if they plan to transfer to a university that requires MATH 097 for admission. Prerequisite: Eligible for MATH 092 or ABE 065 or appropriate placement.
Choose One:

ENGL090 5cr Integrated Reading and Writing I
Introduces students to college-level reading and writing. Focuses on reading strategies, critical thinking, and writing unified paragraphs. ENGL 090 classes are combined with ENGL 095 classes, and students who demonstrate ENGL 095 proficiency may earn ENGL 095 credit. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement or an �S� in ABE 054, ABE 055, ESL 065, ESL 066, IE 065, or IE 066.
ENGL095 5cr Integrated Reading and Writing II
Prepares students for entry into college-level writing courses. Focuses on reading analytically, thinking critically, and writing coherent, well-supported texts. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement based on Reading & English CPT scores or transition test.


Note: Students who place into precollege math should take AMATH097 in quarter two to be ready for CIS145 and 160. Students who place directly into MATH&146 or PHIL&120 and take it in quarter 2 will not need AMATH097.

Quarter 3

CIS145 5cr Introduction to Relational Databases
Introduces relational database concepts and practices using business-related examples. OFTEC 111 or 108 recommended, or comparable competencies. Familiarity with basic computer operations using Microsoft Windows, file management, the internet, and basic application software is required. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

CIS160 5cr Programming Fundamentals
Introduces programming structures, concepts, techniques and terminology using the Visual Studio development environment and the C# programming language. Familiarity with basic computer operations using Microsoft Windows, file management, the internet, and basic application software is required. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee
Choose One:

ENGL098 5cr Transitional English Composition
Introduces strategies and techniques writers use to convey ideas and participate in multiple discourse communities. Focuses on both the process and product of composing. English 098 classes are combined with English 101 classes, and students who demonstrate English 101 proficiency may earn ENGL& 101 credit. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement OR a 'C' or better in ENGL 095. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee
ENGL&101 5cr English Composition I
Develops strategies and techniques writers use to convey ideas and participate in multiple discourse communities. Focuses on both the process and product of composing. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee

Quarter 4

CIS182 5cr SQL Fundamentals
Introduces Structured Query Language (SQL). Emphasizes techniques for writing efficient SQL queries using a common commercial implementation of SQL. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

CIS166 5cr Programming Business Objects
Introduces concepts and techniques of object-oriented programming, validation and storage of business data sets, and user interfaces. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee
Choose One

PHIL&120 5cr Symbolic Logic
Introduces the principles of deductive inference with a focus on proofs in both sentence logic and predicate logic with quantifiers. Includes a study of semantic methods for testing validity. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee
MATH&146 5cr Introduction to Statistics
Covers basic probability, descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics. Fees: $12.00 Natural Applied Science Course Fee

Quarter 5

CIS266 5cr Introduction to Business Applications
Explores how to edit, present, and store data using object-oriented programming and relational databases. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

CIS282 5cr SQL Programming
Continues development of relational databases and associated services using Structured Query Language (SQL) in Microsoft SQL Server. Introduces transaction processing, stored procedures, indices, constraints, triggers, and views. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

CIS185 5cr HTML, CSS, Javascript
Introduces creating web pages with HTML5 and CSS. Covers JavaScript coding to create, test, debug, and document programs. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

Quarter 6

CIS189 5cr XML/Dom
Introduces Extensible Markup Language (XML), proper structure for XML documents, validation, and data manipulation. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

CIS284 5cr Web Application Development
Introduces development of interactive web pages using ASP.NET server-side programming. Web programming with SQL databases, addresses security issues, develops web services, and introduces deployment to cloud services. Prerequisite: CIS 166, CIS 182, and CIS 185. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

CIS218 5cr Powershell, Cybersecurity, Ethics
Introduces PowerShell scripting, basic cybersecurity concepts, and ethical issues for software development. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

Quarter 7

CIS169 5cr Requirements Analysis
Introduces planning, analysis, and design of software, with an emphasis on development methodologies, design process, and communication techniques. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

CIS235 5cr Rich Internet Applications
Explores development of rich internet applications using standard web technologies and preconfigured server-side resources. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee
Choose One Human Relations / Diversity (5cr)

CMST&210 5cr Interpersonal Communication: Diversity
Focuses on understanding and developing interpersonal communication skills needed to build and maintain healthy one-on-one relationships in both personal and professional contexts. Examines how diverse communication styles can impact relationships. Prerequisite: None. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee
CMST240 5cr Intercultural Communication: Diversity
Introduces intercultural communication theories and concepts with applications. Explores the communication processes when people enter new cultural context or interact with people who have different cultural identities. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee
PSYC116 5cr Psychology of Human Relations: Diversity
Introduces students to the psychology of human relationships. Examines how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors impact communication in a multicultural world. Fees: $12.00 Social Science/Business Course Fee

Quarter 8

CIS245 5cr Business Information Systems
Introduces business information systems. Explores the role of software developers and database managers in developing, refining, and supporting these systems. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

CIS269 5cr Software Maintenance
Covers responsibilities and techniques of the maintenance programmer. Includes version control software, teamwork, basic project planning, select cybersecurity issues, and software testing. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

CIS287 5cr Mobile Application Development
Covers mobile app development, packaging, and release for Android and iOS devices. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

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