Public Relations

Public Relations Services & Resources

Public Relations (PR) is AMPED to help you promote your program, service, or event. Get started by checking out the resources below, or submit a web edit, PR work request, or student communication review form.

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What We Believe In

Mission: We tell stories that amplify the best of who we are to create meaningful connections with the Puget Sound community.

Guiding Principles: We value a healthy, balanced work environment where we see each other as whole, complex people, hold each other accountable, and continually evolve our work and ourselves.

We ground our work in these principles: 

  • Creativity: We engage and inspire through work that is innovative, versatile, and forward-thinking. 
  • Problem Solving: We listen, collaborate, and build trust with our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes. 
  • Advancing Equity: We elevate the voices and stories of underrepresented students and employees and authentically represent our entire campus community. 
  • Professionalism: We are reliable, respectful, and experts in our field.