IGNITE Program

What is IGNITE?

Ignite means to start a flame or to cause something to catch fire. That is what this program is meant to do.

IGNITE helps students who are low income, students of color, students with a disability, and students whose parents did not go to college, by offering a community and support services to get through college and graduate.

When you join IGNITE, you get an academic advisor, a peer mentor, and an entire community committed to helping you succeed.

Are you Eligible?

  1. To join the program, you must be a current or newly admitted student seeking a two-year degree or certificate.
  2. You must identify with one of the following below:
    • Neither of your parents earned a Bachelor’s (four-year) degree
    • You filed your FAFSA/ WASFA and are eligible for a PellGrant
    • You have a documented disability on filewith SPSCC Access Services
    • You identify as a student of color

    *Running Start and International students are not eligible for the Ignite Program.

How do you apply for IGNITE?

How to Stay Eligible in IGNITE?

  1. You must either attend weekly Friday Community Forums (currently by zoom).
    • These forums happen on Fridays 11-12pm, EXCEPT for first Fridays of the month, from 12-1:30pm).

  2. OR
    You must be enrolled in the peer mentor program.

    In this program, you will complete biweekly mentee/mentor check-in forms and communicate with your mentor at least once every month by phone, email, text, or in person.

  3. Meet with your Educational & Career Planner once a quarter.
  4. Complete a Financial Aid application every year.

What do you get?

  • Community
  • Educational Planner
  • Peer Mentor
  • Laptop (if you need one)
  • Textbooks
  • Early registration to classes
  • Life and academic skills (how to advocate for yourself, how to study…)
  • Identity development (how to believe in your abilities)
  • Access to the Student of Color Conference

Application Deadlines

We accept applications on an ongoing basis. However, it is your responsibility to finish the application process in a timely manner.