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SPSCC Enhances Professional Technical Programs with Betti Vocational Endowment

By Alexis Calma

May 15, 2024

The South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) Foundation has recently established the Betti Vocational Endowment, an initiative dedicated to supporting the educational journey of students enrolled in Professional Technical (Prof Tech) programs at SPSCC. Beginning in Fall 2024, students across various Prof Tech programs will have access to three distinct awards under the Betti Vocational Endowment.

“The Bettis and the Betti Foundation have always understood that professional technical certifications and degrees are incredible pathways to living-wage careers,” said Kelly Green, the SPSCC Foundation’s Vice President for Advancement. “By giving students a leg up with essential tools and equipment as well as tuition support, their generosity is an incredible model for how to have a generational impact on students in our community.”

The cornerstone of this endowment are the Betti Vocational Scholarships. While all current and incoming students are encouraged to apply for SPSCC Foundation scholarships, Prof Tech students will now have exclusive access to dedicated Betti scholarships through the same application which opens twice a year.

In addition to the Betti scholarships, the Foundation has introduced Betti Vocational Grants. These grants, an award of up to $500 per student per academic year, offer financial assistance for education-related tools and supplies including textbooks, technical manuals, travel and lodging expenses directly related to program requirements, and certifications. Grants are available to SPSCC students year-round.

SPSCC will also continue the tradition of Betti Tool Day, the annual event that equips second-year automotive students with up to $750 to purchase tools essential for beginning their careers in the automotive field.

SPSCC Foundation members outside of Bldg. 16
Amber Wetzel and Kelly Green with Sandy Mackie, Trustee for the Bruno & Evelyn Betti Foundation.

About the Bruno & Evelyne Betti Foundation

Bruno and Evelyne Betti’s philanthropic interests were many and varied. Their generosity extended to students of the vocational and technical trades as well as supporting practical degrees in business, education, engineering, medicine, nursing, and other sciences. Bruno passed away in 1998 and Evelyne continued their work until her passing in 2007. The Betti Foundation continued the Bettis’ philanthropic mission until its closing in 2021.