Temporary Students

You are a Temporary Student if any of the following is true for you:

  • You want to attend SPSCC for a quarter in between enrollment at another college.
  • You do not intend to complete a degree or certificate program at SPSCC.
  • You need to take a specific set of courses to transfer to a college or degree program, and SPSCC does not offer that degree.
  • You are taking classes for leisure or personal enrichment.

Steps to Enroll as a Temporary Student

You do not need to complete all of the college's Steps to Enroll when you're a Temporary Student. Here's what you should complete:

Step 1: Apply

Submit a free admissions application online or in person at the One Stop in Olympia (Bldg. 22) or Lacey (Bldg. 1). Apply Now >

Step 2: Activate Your Student Accounts

When your application has been processed, you’ll receive an acceptance email with your ctcLink ID. Use your ctcLink ID to activate your two student accounts: your ctcLink account and your ClipperID. Activate Your Student Accounts >

Step 3: Request Placement & Document Review

You may need an English or math placement, along with specific course prerequisites, to get registered for certain classes. Fill out the Placement Request Form and we will review any documents you upload. We may assign "Milestones" based on your request or give you information to get instructor permission. Placement Request Form >

Step 4: Get Registered

You can register in ctcLink once "Milestones" have been applied to your student account. Log into ctcLink and use the Class Schedule to register for courses. Search for Classes & Enroll >

Optional: Explore Funding Options

While most temporary students do not get a substantial financial aid award if they complete the FAFSA or WASFA, we encourage all students to explore funding options to help cover the costs of tuition, fees, books, and supplies. Explore funding & costs >