Integrated Basic Education Skills Training (I-BEST)

I-BEST is a nationally recognized teaching model that allows students to increase literacy and work skills so that they can earn credentials, get living wage jobs and put their talents to work for employers.

I-BEST pairs two instructors in the classroom, one to teach professional and technical content and the other to teach reading, writing, math or English language. You will learn by doing, and build your skills by directly applying what you learn.

I-BEST is for students who:

I-BEST programs

Academic I-BEST

In this program students build their English and math skills in pre-college level classes, while also studying in college level classes.  This is a full-time, 3-quarter program that leads toward an Associate of Arts degree. Students may start in this program fall or winter quarter. In addition to having two teachers in each class, the college level course is integrated with the English and Math classes. For more information, see Associate in Arts degree.

Quarter 1 (afternoon schedule)

  • MATH 90,94 Multi-level Math (5 credits)
  • ENG 90,95,98   Multi-level English  (5 credits)
  • HDEV 101    Enhancing Student Success (3 credits)

Quarter 2 (afternoon schedule)

  • PSYCH 116 Psychology of Human Relations: Diversity  
  • ENG 95,98,101   Multi-level English (5 credits)
  • MATH 94,96   Multi-level Math (5 credits)

Quarter 3 (afternoon schedule)

  • BIO 160 General Biology w/ lab (5 credits)
  • ENG 98/101 or  ENG 102 (5 credits)
  • MATH (as needed) (5 credits)

I-BEST Office Clerk / Receptionist Certificate

The I-BEST Office Clerk / Receptionist Certificate program (29 credits + English, math, and HDEV classes as needed) 

This is a full-time, 3-quarter program that leads to earning the Office Clerk / Receptionist Certificate. Students may start in this program in fall quarter. In this program, students have two teachers in their classes; the I-BEST support instructor is present 50% of the time. To earn the Office Clerk / Receptionist Certificate, students must also test through or take and pass English 90 and Math 90. For more information, see Office Clerk / Receptionist Certificate.

Quarter 1 (Fall, morning/afternoon schedule)

  • OFTEC 100 Introduction to Computer Concepts and Applications (5 credits)
  • OFTEC 111 Keyboarding (2 credits)
  • OFTEC 105 Filing (2 credits)
  • HDEV 101 Enhancing Student Success (3 credits)

Quarter 2 (Winter, morning/afternoon schedule)

  • OFTEC 112 Skillbuilding  (2 credits)
  • OFTEC 136 Microsoft Word I (5 credits)
  • OFTEC 165 Office Procedures (5 credits) 
  • ENG 90-95X (5 credits)

Quarter 3 (Spring, morning/afternoon schedule)

  • OFTEC 150 Formatting (4 credits)
  • OFTEC 125 Digital Productivity Tools (4 credits)
  • MATH 90/94 (5 credits)

I-BEST Beginning Automotive Certificate

I-BEST Beginning Automotive Certificate (37 credits) is a full-time, 2-3 quarter program that leads to the Beginning Automotive Certificate. In these classes, students have the support of their Automotive instructor and the I-BEST instructor who is there 50% of the time. The I-BEST instructor helps students build their skills in reading, writing, and math as they study in the Automotive program.  Most classes are available in the morning or evening. For more information, see Beginning Automotive Technology Certificate.

  • AUTO 100 Introduction to Automotive (5 credits) *students may substitute prior learning or training for AUTO 100
  • AUTO 110 Introduction to Automotive Electronic Systems (3 credits) *students may substitue prior learning or training for AUTO 110

I-BEST Supported Classes

  • HDEV 101: Enhancing Student Success (3 cr)
  • MATH 101 Technical Math (5 cr)
  • AUTO 108 Engine I (7 cr)
  • AUTO 109 Engine II (7 cr)
  • AUTO 112 Intermediate Electrical (6 cr)
  • AUTO 113 Advanced Electrical (6 cr)

How to Enroll

For more information or to enroll in an I-BEST program, contact Angela Holley, aholley@spscc.edu, 360-596-5288, Building 28, Room 125.