Food, Beverage Arts & Hospitality Pathway

Baking and Pastry Arts

Certificate of Completion

You value creativity, hospitality, and good service. Run a kitchen, manage a resort, prepare high-quality meals for a diverse set of patrons, or create microbrews in the Pacific Northwest's booming craft brew and distilling industry. Classes in this pathway put you on the front line to gain real-world practice in newly upgraded facilities. Soak in the experiences and graduate quickly to craft your own future.

At the completion of the Baking and Pastry Arts Program, the successful student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify, think critically, formulate, and problem solve in a baking and pastry environment
  • Communicate professional material in oral and written forms with their peers, supervisors, other industry professionals, and customers
  • Demonstrate an understanding of mathematical concepts in scaling, measuring, pricing, food costing, percentage calculation and recipe conversions while using mathematical ideas to solve problems
  • Apply the appropriate industry standards and practices in a business and food practice context 
  • Demonstrate an awareness of diverse beliefs and practices and the impact of culture on food  

Required Supplies: All must be permanently marked with student ID# by indelible pen or engraver – engraver available in Food Service Department. All costs are estimated.

Kitchen Supplies 
(list is subject to change, see program handbook for details)

Immersion Thermometer $15.00
Microplane Zester $6.00
Paring Knife $7.00
Chefs Knife $20.00
Bread Knife $15.00
Measuring Spoons (set) $10.00
Digital Thermometer $5.00
Kitchen Shears $5.00
Vegetable Peeler $3.00
Food Safe Ruler $5.00

Required Clothing

Double Breasted Chef's Coat (2 each @ $24.00) $48.00
Cooks Check Pants (2 each @ $19.00)  $38.00
Bib Aprons (2 each @ $5.00) $10.00
Closed Toe Black Leather Shoes $75.00
Chefs Hat - White $6.00

Special Program Note

A Thurston County Food Handler’s Permit must be acquired before entry into the program. Individuals without this permit will not be allowed to enter instructional kitchens or work areas.

CAP 103 is a hybrid format which includes asynchronous online assignments and hands-on practice in associated lab courses. BPA 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 118, 119 & 121 are laboratory courses involving work in the instructional kitchens.

All equipment, clothing, and supplies must be purchased prior to the first day of class. Exceptions based on financial need, will be considered on an individual basis in consultation with the instructional staff.

Personal Hygiene Code: A personal hygiene and professional conduct code is in effect in college kitchens as follows: Hair must be neatly maintained, clean, and under control at all times. If a beard is worn, it must be closely trimmed.

Students may begin the Baking and Pastry Arts Program every quarter with permission of instructor.

Quarter Plan

Search Schedule

Quarter 1

Students have several options for their starting point. Some students may start in our Transition Studies programs: Adult Basic Education, ESL, High School+, and Basic Computer Skills.


Note: Students may join the program in any quarter, but chef permission is required before registering for Baking & Pastry Arts classes

Quarter 2

MATH101 5cr Technical Mathematics I
Covers the theories and applications of mathematics used in technical fields with emphasis on problem solving strategies, measurement, algebra, geometry, unit conversions and the metric system. Fees: $12.00 Natural Applied Science Course Fee
Choose One:

ENGL090 5cr Integrated Reading and Writing I
Introduces students to college-level reading and writing. Focuses on reading strategies, critical thinking, and writing unified paragraphs. ENGL 090 classes are combined with ENGL 095 classes, and students who demonstrate ENGL 095 proficiency may earn ENGL 095 credit. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement or an �S� in ABE 054, ABE 055, ESL 065, ESL 066, IE 065, or IE 066.
ENGL095 5cr Integrated Reading and Writing II
Prepares students for entry into college-level writing courses. Focuses on reading analytically, thinking critically, and writing coherent, well-supported texts. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement based on Reading & English CPT scores or transition test.

CCS101 3cr Pathways to Success
Cultivates the mind-set and skills necessary for students to become confident, reflective, self-directing, and successful learners.

Quarter 3

Choose One:

ENGL&101 5cr English Composition I
Develops strategies and techniques writers use to convey ideas and participate in multiple discourse communities. Focuses on both the process and product of composing. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee

BPA111 4cr Yeast Breads
Covers principles and techniques of yeast dough production with the use of traditional mixing and fermentation methods emphasizing flavor, texture, and appearance. Fees: $150.00 Baking & Pastry Lab Fee

BPA113 4cr Cookies and Petits Fours
Covers the fundamental techniques for making a wide variety of cookies and petits fours using the one-stage method, the creaming method, and the sponge method. Decoration and finishing are covered. Fees: $150.00 Baking & Pastry Lab Fee

BPA114 4cr Pastry Techniques-Viennoiserie
Covers the preparation of Viennese-style baked goods. Emphasis on lamination technique used to make croissants, various Danish pastries, puff pastry and brioche. Fees: $150.00 Baking & Pastry Lab Fee

Quarter 4

BPA112 4cr Quick Breads and Cakes
Covers mixing methods to produce a diverse array of quick bread products and layer cakes. Fees: $150.00 Baking & Pastry Lab Fee

BPA118 4cr Classical Cakes and Tortes
Covers instruction in cake production, including cream preparation, egg foams, glazes, mousses, icings, and decorative techniques. Emphasis put on composition, balance assembly, and presentation of classic cakes and specialty tortes. Fees: $150.00 Baking & Pastry Lab Fee

BPA119 4cr Bakery Operations
Covers the practical application of producing and marketing products in a bakery setting. Students practice the skills for controlling inventory, analyzing sales, displaying product, and baking a variety of goods. Fees: $150.00 Baking & Pastry Lab Fee

CAP103 3cr Sanitation
Develops an understanding of the basic principles of sanitation and safety and how it applies to food service operations.

Quarter 5

BPA115 4cr Pies and Tarts
Covers individual and traditional sized baked and unbaked pies and tarts, using fruit fillings, custard-type fillings, cream fillings, and chiffon fillings. Fees: $150.00 Baking & Pastry Lab Fee

BPA116 4cr Custards and Mousses
Introduces the preparation of custards, mousses and creams to create such desserts as cheesecake, filled p�t� choux, cr�me brul�e and ice cream. Fees: $150.00 Baking & Pastry Lab Fee

BPA121 4cr Chocolate and Confections
Introduces the processes involved in making chocolates and confections. The tempering of chocolate is emphasized, as well as, techniques for filling, enrobing, and decorating chocolates. Fees: $150.00 Baking & Pastry Lab Fee
Choose One

CMST&210 5cr Interpersonal Communication: Diversity
Focuses on understanding and developing interpersonal communication skills needed to build and maintain healthy one-on-one relationships in both personal and professional contexts. Examines how diverse communication styles can impact relationships. Prerequisite: None. Fees: $12.00 Humanities/Communications Course Fee

Quarter 6

BPA190 5cr Cooperative Work Experience
Cooperative Work Experience (Co-op) is an academic internship program that integrates a student's classroom study with planned supervised learning in positions related to the student's program of study or area of interest. Students are awarded credit and a grade not for the work itself, but for the demonstration of learning which occurs in and throughout the work experience. Fees: $15.00 Co-Op Ins Course Fee

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