Host an International Student

SPSCC always has international students who would like to participate in a homestay program while studying in Olympia. Hosts have a genuine interest in sharing American culture with students while providing a safe home and caring environment.

Apply To Become a Host - SPSCC Host Family Application

Who can host a student?

There is no such thing as a "typical" homestay family. Professionals, single-parent families, couples, retired, families with young children, and families with teenagers have all had successful hosting experiences. The most important criteria for a host is a genuine interest in sharing American culture, providing a safe home, and caring for their student's well-being.

Benefits to Hosting

  • Learning about another culture
  • Practicing another language
  • Contributing to the success of international students by providing a safe and welcoming home
  • Developing lifelong friendships with international students

The Host Family Experience

Hosts can participate in stays that are short-term (a few days or weeks), quarter-long, or even 1 to 2 years. Students pay a monthly or daily rate directly to their host. Hosts treat their students as a member of the family. Through this experience, our students immerse themselves in American culture by participating in family meals, gatherings, local outings, and holidays. Students have health insurance and their own spending money.

Hosts provide students with a furnished bedroom, Wi-Fi, and a place to study. International Student Services (ISS) staff assists with every placement and any issues you may experience through the program. An orientation meeting is provided to each host and student at the time of placement with an ISS representative.