About Percy

Pronouns: They / Them / Their

Height: 7 feet

Strengths: Camouflage, limb regeneration, and the ability to give seven hugs at once.

Favorite Movie: Clash of the Titans (their aunt was in it)

Favorite Food: King Crab

Other Facts: Percy is big, fast, and always prepared. When not conquering rivals, Percy uses their 3 hearts and many hug-giving tentacles to spread their love of the Clippers everywhere they go.

Q & A

Percy loves sushi! Their favorite is the Rainbow Roll because they like the variety.

Percy is the (un)official taste tester of SPSCC’s Craft Brewing & Distilling program and is a fan of anything they make!

Percy enjoys playing tennis competitively, but they are sometimes disqualified from matches for trying to play with five rackets at once.

Percy is a regular at the SPSCC Library. They have checked out Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne at least a dozen times! Reading it reminds Percy of the Pacific Ocean where they were born.

After a long day supporting Clippers on the court, in the field, in the classroom, and in the community, Percy heads back to their lair in the waters of Percival Creek. Sometimes they sleep for days at a time to get ready for SPSCC’s next big event!

They do! Percy often stops by the SPSCC Dental Clinic for their check-ups and supplies.

Origin Story

Born in the midst of the rumbling, roaring deep sea volcanoes of the Ring of Fire, Percy the Kraken began their life far beneath the angry surface of the Pacific Ocean. Percy quickly grew restless from the noise and chaos and was eager to see the world above the waves. In search of peace and quiet, Percy rose through the murky waters of the Salish Sea and eventually made their home in the secluded, shallow waters of Percival Creek.

In 2020, construction on SPSCC's Olympia Campus disturbed Percy's hidden lair and reminded them of their tumultuous days in the deep sea. Usually content to stay hidden from the bustling bodies who moved about on the lands above their hideaway, Percy grew angry and set out to put a stop to dismantle the foes causing the disruption.

As they searched, Percy quickly came upon the Clippers: a group of people working hard to achieve success through education. After many hours spent observing these mysterious Clippers, Percy decided that instead of making a meal of the Clippers, they wanted to make them allies. That's when Percy solemnly vowed to forevermore vanquish all those who stand in the way of the Clippers.

Percy now spends their days supporting Clippers on the court, on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.