Whether you planned a career in graphic design or have inherited the job of designing print-based communication for your organization, this program will give you the foundational skills to work in this fun and fast-paced industry.

Build a foundation in design theory and software that will help you to create brochures, posters, newsletters, and work in other key areas of print design. Courses cover topics that take you from the “whys” of design and best practices to hands on “hows” of getting it done. Intermixed in all courses are the communication and interview skills that are necessary to work with the needs of your organization to hit their visual goals. As a graphic designer you mix business savvy and technical skills in a very artistic way.

Software used in the program will be the Adobe CS6 Creative Suite with emphasis on InDesign, Photoshop, and Acrobat. The skills and knowledge you learn can be applied to any design software.

The certificate has eight classes.

Career Outlook

Graphic artists and designers with a range of technical, drawing and design skills are valuable members of work teams in a variety of industries. Many artists have also discovered the joys of freelance design and graphic development work.

  • Overall employment for graphics designers is projected to grow by 7% between 2012 and 2022.
  • Graphic designers with website design and animation experience will especially be needed as demand increases for design projects for interactive media websites, video games, cellular telephones, and other technology.
  • The salary for graphic designers varies depending on education, experience, and geographic area.

Required Courses