Solutions to Help You Succeed

To help you make smart choices about your finances, we teamed up with iGrad & Solutions at ECMC to provide financial education that's interactive and easy to use.

Solutions at ECMC

We've teamed up with Solutions at ECMC to answer all of your student loan repayment questions. Solutions is a service of the non-profit organization ECMC and is dedicated to helping students manage educational loans. Their resources are available to you free of charge. To contact a Solutions Student Loan Repayment Advisor, email, web chat, or call them at 1-877-331-3262.

iGrad: How does it work?

  1. Introduction to Financial Wellness — explore the library of resources.
  2. Sign up for iGrad to access interactive tools, courses, and more.
  3. Set up your profile after signing up, and complete a brief assessment to start receiving personalized recommendations.
  4. Log in to your iGrad account regularly for new content and recommendations that will help you track your progress and achieve your financial goals.

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