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You understand the importance of health and peace of mind—whether you're tending to a patient, studying diseases, providing dietary counsel, or documenting important medical information, our Healthcare Pathway will set you on a course to making a difference every day.

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Quarter 1

Students have several options for their starting point. Some students may start in our Transition Studies programs: Adult Basic Education, ESL, High School+, and Basic Computer Skills.

Note: Students can join the MEDC classes in either Fall or Winter, but will need to have completed all of the MEDC courses in winter to continue into the MEDC classes for Spring.

Quarter 2

MEDC110 5cr Medical Insurance Billing for the Medical Office
Covers legal issues associated with procedural and diagnostic coding, use of patient chart information, and translation of insurance information into numeric and alphanumeric codes.

MED103 3cr Medical Terminology I
Explores medical terminology by combining word roots, suffixes, and prefixes. Emphasizes definitions, pronunciation, spelling, and usage in various health care professions. Prerequisite: None.

MEDC130 6cr Electronic Health Records and Data Entry
Introduces the use of electronic health records to manage health information. Covers data entry, including data by touch on the ten-key pad, while creating electronic medical records (EMR) for both inpatient and outpatient settings using software applications. Speed, accuracy, and proper technique are emphasized and practiced. Prerequisite: None.

OFTEC111 2cr Keyboarding (Typing) I
Introduces the alphabetic, numeric, and symbol keys by touch. Focuses on wellness and ergonomic issues while developing keyboarding skills up to 35 wpm. Students can test out of this class by demonstrating proficiency on a placement test. Prerequisite: None. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

Quarter 3

CCS101 3cr Pathways to Success
Cultivates the mind-set and skills necessary for students to become confident, reflective, self-directing, and successful learners.

MEDC115 5cr Diagnostic Coding for the Outpatient Coder
Focuses on the translation of patient data and written diagnoses into diagnostic codes that identify diseases, conditions, and signs and symptoms. Emphasizes accuracy in coding and the rules of diagnostic coding. Prerequisite: MED 103 with a 'C' or better and eligible for ENGL 098 or ENGL& 101.

MEDC120 5cr CPT Coding for the Outpatient Coder
Provides instruction for outpatient coders to interpret various source documents and translate written narrative into numeric procedure codes. Uses record documentation and CMS 1500 insurance claim forms and includes an overview of HCPCS. Concurrent or prior enrollment in MEDC 115 is recommended. Prerequisite: MED 103 with a 'C' or better and eligible for ENGL 098 or ENGL& 101.

Quarter 4

MED104 5cr Medical Terminology II
Builds on foundations of combining forms, prefixes, and suffixes learned in MED 103. Includes studying diseases, laboratory and diagnostic testing, and surgical procedures with a focus on human anatomy and physiology.

MEDC211 5cr Advanced Diagnostic & CPT Coding
Advances the practical application of diagnostic and procedural coding using Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), International Classification of Disease (ICD) and Healthcare Common Procedure coding systems (HCPCS), including complex coding scenarios. Fee's: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

OFTEC108 3cr Introduction to Microsoft Office
Introduces the software components of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Prerequisite: None. Fees: $12.00 Applied Tech Course Fee

MEDC190 5cr Cooperative Work Experience/Internships
Cooperative Work Experience (Co-op) is an academic internship program that integrates a student's classroom study with planned supervised learning in positions related to the student's program of study or area of interest. Students are awarded credit and a grade not for the work itself, but for the demonstration of learning which occurs in and throughout the work experience. Fees: $15.00 Co-op Instruction Course Fee

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