Summer Running Start

Earn college credits when you take SPSCC classes this summer. Current and new Running Start students are welcome to join!

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two opportunities available for currently enrolled (2022-2023 academic year) Running Start students to receive summer Running Start funds:

1. Non-graduating 11th and 12th-grade students who have not reached the combined 1.20 AAFTE limit during the 2022-2023 school year can register for credit equivalent to the remaining FTE available. To see if you qualify, work with your high school counselor to fill out the Summer Running Start Enrollment Verification Form.

Summer Running Start Enrollment Verification Form

Once completed, the Summer RSEVF must be turned into SPSCC for processing. Forms are due by June 13, 2023 to qualify for funding. Students that qualified during this academic year for fee waiver will have their fee waiver applied for summer.

2. Graduating 2023 seniors who reached the 1.20 AAFTE limit during the 2022-2023 school year and are within 15 credits or less of completing an associate degree may register only for those courses needed to complete their degree. Students qualify if they took 15 credits every quarter (fall 2022, winter 2023, and spring 2023) at SPSCC or if they took a combined 1.20 FTE between the high school and the college. To have your FTE evaluated, fill out the “After-Exit” Running Start Declaration of Intent Form and the Dual Credit Residency Update Application.

After-Exit Running Start Declaration of Intent Form

Dual Credit Residency Form

Once completed, the “After-Exit” and Dual Credit Residency update forms must be turned into SPSCC for processing. Email completed forms to or bring them to the Start Here counter in Building 22 on the Olympia Campus. Forms are due by June 13, 2023 to qualify for funding. Students that qualified during this academic year for fee waiver will have their fee waiver applied for summer.

There is no summer assistance available for incoming new Running Start students for summer 2023. New Running Start students are welcome to take summer courses paying tuition and fees out of pocket.

SPSCC registers summer and fall quarter together, so make sure you are planning and registering for both quarters.

Students do not need to do the Under Age 18 enrollment request for summer when they will be a Running Start student for the fall. Follow the admissions and registration steps for Running Start to register for both your summer and fall classes.

Summer Quarter Dates

  • : New Student Registration Begins

  • : Tuition & Fees Due

  • : Admissions Deadline

  • : First Day of Classes

  • : Finals Week

  • : Grades Post

Since summer quarter is self-paid by the student, you can enroll in any course you meet the prerequisite for and it will not count against your Running Start enrollment for the rest of the school year. Many Running Start students will take:

  • College & Career Success Courses: CCS 101 is a required course for all SPSCC students within your first two quarters of enrollment at the college.  Taking CCS 101 along with CCS 102, 103 or 104 will satisfy the High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) requirement for most high schools.  You can look at your school’s Running Start Equivalency List to see what combination works for your school.
  • Art, P.E. and World Language Courses: Many students like to wrap up their Fine Arts, P.E. and World Language requirements for high school during summer quarter before diving into their “core” academic courses for the rest of the year.
  • AMATH & CMATH Courses: If based on your Math placement you need to take an AMATH or CMATH course, it is best to take these over summer quarter because Running Start cannot pay the tuition on the AMATH and CMATH courses during the regular academic year.  These courses are a unique blend of pre-college and college level math in the same course.  You have the potential to earn college math credit at the end of the quarter based on your performance in the course.
  • SPSCC Degree Required Courses: For students wanting to complete an Associate Degree at SPSCC but who only want to go part time during the Fall to Spring term or need to take other classes outside of their degree to meet high school graduation requirements, summer classes help you stay on track to finish your degree on time!
  • Credit Recovery Courses: If you have classes that you need to repeat for high school or an SPSCC degree, summer can be a great time to focus in on that coursework and get caught up on your credit.

How Long is Summer Quarter?

Summer quarter is only 8 weeks long! It runs from the beginning of July to the end of August.

Students are encouraged to take no more than 10 credits in summer because of the short length of the term. It is critical that students attend all 8 weeks of the quarter; if you are planning on a summer vacation or other time that will keep you away from class, summer classes might not be a good fit for you. Questions? email

Tuition, Fees, Books & Support

Tuition & Fees

Students are responsible for the cost of tuition and fees on courses during Summer Quarter excluding the tuition eligible for the two specific student groups identified for summer 2023. While there is no financial aid support over the summer, students can set up a payment plan through SPSCC. Students are responsible for adhering to the payment deadlines for all enrolled classes.

Books & Supplies

Books and supplies are the responsibility of the student.  Running Start students that qualify for Fee Waiver can apply for the Book Borrow program.

Current 2022-2023 students who qualify for summer 2023 funding: Your fee waiver will be rolled over into summer.  Please fill out the Summer 2023 Book Borrow form to request book assistance.

New Fall 2023 Running Start Students:  If you are electing to take classes in the summer paying out of pocket, you may apply for summer Book Borrow if you have registered for your fall quarter 2023 classes AND submitted your fall quarter Running Start Verification Form (RSEVF).

Summer Book Borrow Application

Transportation & Virtual Connections

Transportation to on-campus classes, technology, and internet connection to support online learning are the responsibility of the student.  There are many places on campus to access free WiFi, use a computer and print that students are welcome to access during the summer.

Course fees, books, and supplies are the responsibility of the student.

Advising & Support During Summer

SPSCC is open all Summer Quarter, including support services in-person in Bldg. 22 at the Olympia Campus and Building 1 at the Lacey campus and virtually.

  • Have someone look over your essay or paper;
  • Get help with math functions;
  • Check out books or resources from the Library;
  • Meet with your Educational & Career Planner; and
  • Much more!