SPSCC academic policy is explained in the College Catalog. All students are expected to maintain a satisfactory quarterly grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher to be in good standing. Academic deficiency is defined as failure to maintain the minimum quarterly GPA requirement of 2.0 or higher.


A student is placed on academic warning after the first quarter in which the student is academically deficient.


The second consecutive quarter in which a student is academically deficient, the student is placed on academic probation. The student must meet with an Educational Planner in the Advising Center to develop an educational plan and discuss academic success.


The third consecutive quarter of academic deficiency, the student will be dismissed from the college and will be blocked from future registration.

To appeal a dismissal: A student must complete the academic appeal steps that include meeting with a specific representative from Enrollment Services to set up a plan for their return. This plan may include no more than 10 credits per quarter for at least two consecutive quarters.

Students wishing to return in the quarter immediately following the academic dismissal must meet with a Director or Dean in Enrollment Services to discuss course selection and success strategies for future quarters.

Students who decide to not attend the quarter immediately after being academically dismissed must meet with an Educational Planner in the Advising Center.

Running Start Students must sit out a quarter (not counting Summer) before enrolling again at SPSCC. They must meet with their high school counselor before making an appointment with an Educational Planner in the Advising Center.

These appointments can be scheduled by calling 360-596-5241 or visiting the One-Stop on the Olympia Campus (Building 22) or Lacey Campus (Building 1). In order to be considered for re-enrollment, all academic appeal steps must be completed prior to the third day of the quarter that a student wishes to take courses.