New Employee Checklist & Trainings

Welcome to SPSCC! We're amped that you've joined our community of over 500 full-time and part-time staff and faculty. Please complete the items on this page as part of your onboarding and orientation with SPSCC. Some of this is self-paced and some will be completed with your supervisor.

New Hire Checklist

Print the New Hire Checklist for Supervisors and review this with your supervisor. The checklist covers attendance, job expectations, equipment & property use, safety & security, compensation, employee training, department functions, personal concerns, and more.

When you're finished, email the completed Checklist to Human Resources at or drop it off in our office in Building 25, 2nd Floor, Room 220.

Required Trainings

All new employees of the college are required to complete the following trainings within the first month of employment. You'll also have annual ongoing trainings as a college employee.

SPSCC is committed to providing an inclusive, healthy, and productive environment for students to learn and our employees to work. These trainings help to ensure that all members of our community understand their responsibilites.

Please check with your supervisor for any additional trainings that may be required by your department.

The Washington State Executive Ethics Board training enhances the ability of SPSCC employees to make ethical decisions and maintain the high standards of conduct required of all State of Washington employees.  This training introduces employees to ethics in the workplace so they are able to apply ethical concepts and principals to their SPSCC responsibilities.

Frequency of training: every three years

To successfully complete the Washington State Executive Ethics Board Training:

Upon hire, new employees will recieve an email from Get Inclusive with the login and assignment information.

Login to Get Inclusive Training

All employees and volunteers are required to take these trainings:

Information Technology Data Security

Frequency: Annual

Please review the College Acceptable Use Policy and Data Security Policy and Procedures.

Hazing and Bullying Prevention

Frequency: Annual

Groundswell: Sexual Harassment, Retaliation, Title IX, and Nondiscrimination

Frequency: Supervisors every three years; Non-Supervisors every five years

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

In addition to the training, the A. Barbara Clarkson Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center sponsors professional development opportunities throughout the year with a focus on student success. We highly encourage all employees attend at least one DEI related professional development opportunity every year related to their continued growth as culturally competent professionals. Check out the DEIC page for opportunities.

Frequency: Upon Hire

Tapestry: Inclusion, Discrimination and Harassment and Best Practices for Accommodations

Frequency: Upon Hire

College Records and Your Responsibility as Employees and Volunteers

Frequency: Upon Hire

FERPA- Student Rights and Confidentiality

Frequency: Upon Hire

HIPAA - Health Information Portability and Accountability Act

As needed, per department

Bloodborne Pathogens

As needed, per department 

All faculty members are encouraged to make an orientation appointment with the Director of Access Services within 6 months of employment.

The purpose of this appointment is to familiarize yourself with your responsibility as an instructor regarding students requiring Access Services.

Access Services is located in The Center for Student Success, Building 22, 2nd Floor.

Contact Access Services at 360-596-5306.

Staff & Faculty Webpage

Begin exploring the Staff & Faculty page of the website. There are many resources and information that you will use in your position at SPSCC.

Staff & Faculty Page

Video: Welcome to SPSCC

Watch this 2-minute video to learn a little bit about the community you've joined!