Learning Support Services

Learning Support Services (LSS) supports, encourages, and empowers SPSCC students to become independent, self-advocating, and resourceful learners through one-on-one and small group tutoring.

Study on your own or in a study group, and get assistance with everything from general concepts to specific homework assignments.

Join us in one of our four Olympia Campus locations, at our Lacey Campus location, or online at eTutoring.

LSS Tutoring Centers

LSS East, Accounting & Math, students in classroom

LSS East

Bldg 22 Rm 110

Tutoring services:
Accounting, Math & Physics

LSS West, Language & Writing, students in classroom

LSS West

Bldg 22 Rm 101

Tutoring services:
Writing & Language

LSS South, Science, students in classroom

LSS South

Bldg 35 Rm 310
360-754-7711 ext 3647

Tutoring services:

Student Computing Center, CIS Computing, students in classroom

Student Computing Center

Bldg 34 Rm 102-105

Tutoring services:
OFTEC & CIS Computing

Lacey Campus & eTutoring, students in classroom

Lacey Campus & eTutoring

Lacey Campus Bldg 1 Rm 152

Tutoring services:
Writing & Online Tutoring


Contact Us

Andrea Long, LSS Administrator for writing, language, and computing
Adam Jones, LSS Administrator for math, accounting, and science