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Celebrating TwinStar’s 40-Year Partnership

By SPSCC Foundation Staff

December 7, 2023

TwinStar Community Foundation Event Center

TwinStar Credit Union and SPSCC Foundation are committed to working together to ensure that students thrive. Their longstanding partnership continues to demonstrate how supporting student success leads to broader community success.

SPSCC graduates who stay local and contribute to Olympia and Thurston County communities can pay forward the generous support that helped them thrive academically. A strong desire to give back through helping professions, such as nursing and teaching, as well as entrepreneurial enterprises that bolster local economic growth is a common theme among many graduates.

As engaged community partners TwinStar has consistently shown their commitment to the long-range efforts of helping students succeed and become the foundation for a thriving community.

Celebrating a 40-Year Partnership

The TwinStar Credit Union-SPSCC partnership, which began in 1983, has been highly effective in helping students get the support they need to achieve their academic goals. Over the past four decades, TwinStar Credit Union has been a loyal contributor to the college, assisting students through scholarships such as the TwinStar Credit Union Scholarship in Automotive Technology or the TwinStar Scholarship in Business and grants such as the TwinStar Credit Union Entrepreneurial Grant funded via the TwinStar Community Foundation. They have also contributed to the Foundation’s fundraising efforts such as the Student Success Campaign and sponsored many of SPSCC’s signature events.

On SPSCC’s Lacey campus, which houses the college’s Corporate and Continuing Education classes, the Center for Business and Innovation, and The Economic Development Council, the TwinStar Community Foundation Event Center was named in recognition of their role in supporting the college and growth of the Lacey campus. Once again highlighting the significant impact the partnership has made on students and communities over the past four decades.

Access for All Community Members

In alignment with SPSCC’s commitment to helping all students access higher education, TwinStar Credit Union has generously contributed to the college’s equity resources, contributing to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Center and IGNITE Program grants, as well as providing substantial support to the SPSCC Food Pantry. Director of Community Engagement Corinn Wohl commented on TwinStar’s practice of working with community partners to ensure everyone has access to essential resources so the community can grow and thrive. She shared, “This includes community members who are often marginalized and includes programs through the TwinStar Community Foundation that help K-12 students by paying off lunch debts so they can focus on school.” Helping to support basic needs and provide opportunities for students to thrive also supports increased retention and graduation rates.”

This sentiment is evident in TwinStar’s generous support of IGNITE scholarships, financial literacy programs, as well as financial products that help marginalized community members gain access to loans and mortgages. TwinStar’s community statement illustrates their commitment “to remove barriers so that every household in our communities has access to affordable and responsible financial services that they need.” Their support of SPSSC’s programs are just a few examples of the many ways they collaborate to make their commitment a reality.

Sharing Educational Values and Financial Education Resources

Another way TwinStar Credit Union aligns with SPSCC is through shared values amplifying the vital role of education in sustaining community growth. Corinn pointed out that TwinStar originally began as a teacher’s credit union in 1938 to help teachers who struggled to get small loans on a teacher’s salary. Based in a classroom in Olympia High School, the credit union was founded in Thurston County with strong ties and commitment to the local community—making the support of educators, students, and schools a priority.

At SPSCC, TwinStar works with SPSCC’s Health & Wellness team through the MoneyEDU program, which provides financial wellness education and resources to SPSCC students, staff, and faculty. The credit union has created numerous financial literacy products and training programs to help community members become confident in effectively managing their financial resources. The program even included a promotional drawing for a $500 VISA gift card as an incentive for participants to apply newly acquired financial literacy skills.

To learn how you can support student success, contact the SPSCC Foundation office at 360-596-5430 or email