This pathway prepares you to transfer to a university where you could study arts, communication, media, and much more.

Be part of what makes life meaningful—or help bring that meaning to a wider audience—through literature, arts, entertainment, mass media, or news. Whether you want to direct a film, join a theater group, write for an online publication, or paint your masterpiece, you begin by choosing our Arts & Communications Pathway.

After earning a transfer degree at SPSCC, you may go on to major in one of these areas.

Arts & Communications Programs

  • Art

    Roll up your sleeves and set up your easel. Then take a trip back through the history of art, where you learn about world events that affected cultures and artists and evolved art over time.

  • Communication Studies

    As a communications students, you will gain skills in public speaking, mass media, and multicultural communications, which transfer to a broad range of careers and opportunities.

  • Drama

    Become an actor and build a direct and lively relationship with the audience through live performance, or work behind the scenes as a producer, director, or designer.

  • English

    Take your passion for writing into a career in marketing or editing in a variety of fields, or hone your creative side and become a published author or poet.

  • Film

    Film courses at SPSCC will walk you through every aspect of filmmaking, from pre- to post-production, using up-to-date equipment with the guidance of experienced, working filmmakers.

  • Music

    Students who successfully complete the Associate in Music – Direct Transfer degree will be prepared to audition and transfer into a university music program as a junior.

  • Philosophy

    The study of philosophy engages your most fundamental beliefs and values, enriching your educational, professional, and overall life experience.

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