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Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA)

Certificate of Achievement

EFDA at work

You understand the importance of health and peace of mind—whether you're tending to a patient, studying diseases, providing dietary counsel, or documenting important medical information, our Healthcare Pathway will set you on a course to making a difference every day.

This program has a special application process. Learn more on the EFDA Program Admissions page.

  • Effectively, independently, and efficiently perform clinical services that may be performed by Expanded Function Dental Auxiliaries in Washington State (AR, EC)
  • Maintain safe environments in the dental setting by following state and federal standards, professional and ethical standards, and using effective communication (AR,SR, EC, MA)
  • Measure, record, interpret, and report data in both clinical and office settings (EC, IL)

Program Costs

Dollar values are approximate and subject to change 

  • Loupe Style Magnification glasses  prices vary less than $100 - $1500+ (best new)
  • Any style of white lab coat- cost will depend on brand you choose
  • 2 Textbooks  (can be a new, used, or digital copy)  $250
  • Carry Case for teeth and supplies - you can use something you might already have  up to $100
  • Any brand condensable (A3.5) and flowable (A.1) Composite   - cost depends on brand used in office
  • Amalgam*- cost depends on brand 
  • Instruments & burs* - depends on what is used in the office. 
  • Soap* $10.00
  • Special carving wax*  $30
  • Lab fees - $1000 - to include - restorative board typodont and teeth

*specifics lists or brand recommendations, and wax ordering will be given to you once you have accepted your spot in the class. 

The following are estimated costs.  Please contact each directly for the exact amounts:

  • EFDA State Licensure fee is $175 
  • Washington State Restorative Exam (WARE) is $350
  • CDCA/Western Regional Examining Board (WREB)/CITA Dental Hygiene Restorative Exam is $545

EFDA Graduation Process

Your Certificate of Achievement will be posted on your transcript after you've completing the program and have submitted the graduation application.

You can apply to graduate and submit application on the graduation webpage when you have completed and officially passed your first quarter. This is the only way to get your certificate posted on your transcript.

You will also need to print and keep this additional EFDA Certificate information with your Diploma. It outlines the classes you have taken to earn your Certificate.

Quarter Plan

Search Schedule

Quarter 1

DENT200 2cr Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary I Theory
Reviews standard expanded functions dental assisting duties, primary & permanent tooth development, anatomy & cavity classifications.

Quarter 2

DENT201 2cr Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary II Theory
Covers proficiency in taking final impressions and tooth temporization. Recall and introduce ethical laws and regulations as they pertain to the state of Washington.

Quarter 3

DENT202 2cr Composite Restorations Theory
Introduces the concept of composite resin direct restorations.

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