What is a Milestone Level?

A milestone level shows that a student has English and/or Math placement or completed the prerequisites for a course from documentation other than a South Puget Sound Community College Transcript. It does not allow you to skip over prerequisites. (A prerequisite is a course that needs to be completed before taking another course.)

English and Math Placement Options

South Puget Sound Community College uses multiple methods for Math and English Placement. Possible placement Milestones can come from the following:

You can submit unofficial copies of any of the documents above for Milestone Placement. See the Placement Options page to review all options including Guided Self Placement and how to Transfer official credit to SPSCC. Please be aware it can take up to five business days to process placement requests.

Placement Request Form

In Progress Registration Requests

If you are currently taking a prerequisite at another college or are enrolled in a high school math course or dual credit course (College in the High School or Running Start) during the second semester and trying to register for the upcoming quarter at SPSCC, please fill out the Placement & Milestone Request Form. You will need to submit:

  • College student: Submit your current term class schedule showing enrollment in the prerequisite course.
  • High School student: Submit your first semester transcript showing a “B” grade or better and a copy of your second semester class schedule showing enrollment in the prerequisite course. Please note- high school students can only receive an “in progress” milestone for summer and fall quarter.

Your milestone level will be issued as “in progress” and you will receive specific instructions on how to register for your class(es).

Note: High school students enrolled in Washington State College in the High School or Running Start- in order to have your placement evaluated at the COLLEGE level, you must submit a copy of your COLLEGE transcript showing credit award. If you submit your high school transcript, it will be evaluated as a high school course completion.

Placement Request Form

Specific Course Permissions

If the course you are trying to enroll in has a prerequisite beyond English or Math, you will need to submit the Placement & Milestone Request form to get a review of your documents for that specific prerequisite. Please make sure you note what specific courses you are trying to enroll in, or your documents will only be evaluated for general math and English placement.

Placement Request Form

Current SPSCC Student Registration Errors

If the course you are trying to add during active registration is giving you an error saying you have not met the prerequisite this could be for several reasons:

  • You are currently enrolled in the prerequisite class at SPSCC, but the prerequisite checking is not working on the course
  • You are enrolled in the prerequisite course or completed the prerequisite course at another college or university and it has not been reviewed for a milestone
  • You may need your instructor's permission*

You can submit a Course Permission Request form during active registration periods and submit your documentation for review. Please be aware it can take up to five business days to process course permission requests.

Course Permissions Request Form

*Note about instructor permission

If the course you are trying to add has Instructor Permission listed in the online schedule, you must email the instructor in order to enroll. If you submit the Course Permissions Request form we will direct you to reach out to the instructor.