The Business Office must be notified of tuition and fees being paid by any third party (i.e., organization/agency, private/alternative student loan, scholarship, non-profit agency, state agency or financial institution) to avoid being dropped from classes.

Scholarships and GET Payments

You may submit confirmation of scholarships and GET payments to Student Finance by emailing Please be sure to include the amount, the date that it was sent to the College, and any other pertinent information. Call 360-596-5246 for more information.

Organizations or Agencies Billing

(Non-profit agency, state agency, financial institutions, etc.)

You may submit third party tuition & fees and bookstore authorizations, contracts, and letters to the Student Finance (Business Office) by emailing Be sure to include the student’s name, ctcLink ID#, quarters, billing address, and any other pertinent information. Call 360-596-5400 for more information.


For third party student payment remittance or notices, you can email Please note, this email is intended only for organizations and agencies that are making payments on invoices sent by the College. Call 360-596-5590 for more information.