Parent Access to Student Records

Dual credit students enrolled in the CTE Dual Credit, College in the High School, and Running Start are considered regular college students and are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Parents and caregivers do not have access to their students' grades, class schedule, and other protected information from SPSCC.

SPSCC can only provide this information to a parent or caregiver if the student has given the college permission.

Release of Records

Students may give parents or caregivers permission to view this information by submitting the Release of Records form in-person with a photo ID at the SPSCC One Stop (Olympia Campus, Bldg. 22, or Lacey Campus Bldg. 1). They can also email the form with a copy of their photo ID to

Common Questions About Parent Access

Q: I'm under 18, so why don't my parents have access to my records?

A: Dual credit students are considered college students. FERPA protects all college students' records and other information, so SPSCC cannot share that information with your parent without your permission. Your parents do have full access to your records and your teachers at the high school.

Q: If I don't fill out the Release of Records form, can my parents see my grades at SPSCC?

A: Yes, your parents may still see your grades through the high school or on your high school transcript. All information generated or received by the high school is available to your parents through laws that govern release of information to parents in the K-12 system.

Grades & Transcripts

  • SPSCC transcripts will reflect the grades students earn in CTE Dual Credit, College in the High School, and Running Start classes. Transcription must be requested for CTE Dual credit courses. Transcription is automatic for College in the High School and Running Start courses.
  • Transcripts are permanent. Grades cannot be erased or excluded from future course work at SPSCC or at other higher education institutions.
  • Students will likely need copies of SPSCC transcripts for applications that require proof of college education attainment: most other higher education institutions and some employment opportunities.

Ordering Transcripts

Students can request transcripts after they complete at least one dual credit course and grades have been posted.

  • Students can print unofficial transcripts from ctcLink (login with ctcLink ID and password required). They can also bring a photo ID to the One Stop (Olympia Campus, Bldg. 22, or Lacey Campus Bldg. 1) to have them printed.
  • Students can order official transcripts online via the National Student Clearinghouse. Note: An SPSCC ctcLink ID number is required.