College in the High School Admissions

College in the High School (CiHS) students can earn college credits for classes taught by their high school teachers on the high school campus.

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CiHS Admissions Deadlines

Due to the nature of high school courses and when they are finalized, registration for CiHS each year starts at the end of September once students are settled into their CiHS classrooms. First semester and year-long courses register with the SPSCC winter quarter. Second semester courses register with the SPSCC spring quarter. Starting fall 2023 there is no longer a charge for CiHS classes due to new legislation. Students must still apply and register to receive credit, but there is no longer a course fee.

Deadlines for 2023-24 Academic Year

  First Semester  Second Semester
Registration Request Opens Sept. 30, 2023 March 3, 2023
Last Day to Apply & Request Registration Dec. 26, 2023 March 25, 2023
Prerequisite Deadline Jan. 8, 2024 April 8, 2024
Last Day to Drop Jan. 19, 2024 April 19, 2024
Last Day to Withdraw Jan. 26, 2024 May 31, 2024


All students need to fill out a CiHS registration request each academic year that they are enrolled in CiHS articulated courses with SPSCC. The registration request opens at the end of September each academic year for students. If you are taking more than one SPSCC CiHS course, you will fill out this form for EACH course you are enrolled in.

CiHS Registration Form

If you will be a brand new CiHS student at SPSCC, you also need to fill out an Admissions Application to create your student account. We cannot register a student for classes without an active SPSCC application.

Admissions Application

Need help filling out the Admissions Application? View our College in the High School Admissions Application Guide.

CiHS Admissions Guide

Once your registration request (or application) has been processed, we will email your ctcLink ID number to the email address you used to apply.

If this is your first SPSCC dual-credit class, you need to activate your two student accounts: your ctcLink account and your ClipperID.

These accounts give you access to resources and support virtually and on the SPSCC campus, incuding the ability to view your college transcript once you complete classes.

Activate Your Student Accounts

If the course you have applied for has a prerequisite, you must meet this prerequisite before we can enroll you.

We will check with your high school for any acceptable documentation. If you do not have any documentation we can use, you will need to place by taking the appropriate English Guided Self Placement (English GSP) or Math Placement WAMAP exam.

Placement Options

We will register you for any CiHS courses you have applied for and meet the prerequisite for.

You will receive an email confirmation of your registration & your high school instructor will also receive a list of registered students.

If you have questions about things like which courses to take, pathways, prerequisites, and credit transferability, please talk to your Educational and Career Planner at SPSCC or your high school counselor. You can meet with your Educational Planner during walk in advising (Zoom or in person) or by scheduling an appointment.

CiHS Drop Requests

The student, high school instructor, or high school CiHS coordinator can request a course drop via the CiHS Drop Request form online. This must be completed by the drop deadline.

Exception to Drop

Students may request an exception to drop after the Census Day only when the circumstance for the request is one of the following:

  • Student is moving and/or withdrawing from the high school
  • Student is suspended from the high school and not allowed access to the high school campus for more than two weeks.
  • Circumstance is due to extended illness, death of an immediate family member, military service, hardship or when there is documented evidence of institutional error.
  • Circumstance is due to a health pandemic or natural disaster forcing closure of the high school for more than two weeks.

If an exception to drop is approved, the student’s enrollment will be dropped and they will not receive a transcribed grade from SPSCC. The student’s high school transcript will be impacted based on the local high school policies for grades. 

Current & Former CiHS Student Resources

As a CiHS student you have access to all the same resources and support that our regular college students do! All services and resources are FREE to you as a student and many can be accessed virtually as well as in person. You can use the Library Learning Support Centers (tutoring centers), meet with an Educational Planner and more. Check out all your resources on the Services & Support page.

Students have two accounts that they need to activate and use as a CiHS student.

ctcLink account:  Your ctcLink account is accessed by using an nine-digit number that is assigned to you when you apply to SPSCC or any community college in Washington state.  CiHS students use this account to look at their course history and unofficial transcript.  You can also update your email and mailing address from this account.

If you do not know your ctcLink ID number, you can email and provide your first and last name, date of birth and name of the high school you attended (or are currently enrolled in).

If you need to reset your ctcLink password, you can do so by following the instructions on the Reset my ctcLink Password page. 

Clipper ID:  Your Clipper ID is your SPSCC email address.  CiHS students use their Clipper ID to take the SPSCC English Guided Self Placement and WAMAP math exams for placement in CiHS courses with English and Math prerequisites.

If you are unsure of your Clipper ID, you can email and provide your first and last name, date of birth and name of the high school you attended (or are currently enrolled in).

If you need to recover your Clipper ID password, you can do so by entering in your Clipper ID on the Password Recovery page.  

Need more help?  Connect with the IT Services Help Desk

Students can access their unofficial transcript at any time after their first course is completed and graded at SPSCC. To get to your unofficial transcript, you will log into ctcLink. Unofficial transcripts are free and a great way to look at your CiHS course history.

In order to have official transcripts sent to other colleges and universities, military recruiters or employers, you will need to order your transcripts through the National Student Clearing house (NSC). Official transcripts cost money to send, so please wait until your final grades have posted for your last class(es) before ordering!

More information and links to log in for unofficial and official transcripts are available on the Transcripts page.

As a college student there are other important things to know about how your parents can access your records, services you have available to you and more!  Please check out the Dual Credit Programs FAQs & Records Information page for more detailed information.

CiHS High School Instructor Resources

As a current or perspective College in the High School Instructor, you can find a variety of resources and documents on the CTOL College in the High School Instructor page. This includes important dates, links to documents and the CiHS Teacher Handbook.