Activate Your Student Accounts

Steps to Enroll » Step 2: Activate Your Student Accounts

Use Your ctcLink ID to Activate Your Student Accounts

When your application has been processed, you’ll get an email with your ctcLink ID number. Use your ctcLink ID to activate your two student accounts: ctcLink and your ClipperID.

Activate Your ctcLink Account

Activate your ctcLink account using your ctcLink ID.

As a student, you’ll use ctcLink to view the class schedule, register for classes, accept a financial aid offer, pay tuition, and much more.

Activate Your ClipperID

Your ClipperID is ready to be activated about 24 hours after your application has been processed. To activate your ClipperID, you will need your ctcLink ID and PIN. Find these in your acceptance email. Activate your ClipperID >

Once you’ve activated both accounts, you can use mySPSCC to quickly access all of your college accounts and student resources from one place.

What's the Difference?

What's the difference between ctcLink, ClipperID, and mySPSCC?

With ctcLink you can:

  • Register for classes
  • Pay tuition & fees
  • Accept financial aid award offers
  • View grades and unofficial transcripts
  • View and update your personal student information

With your ClipperID you can:

  • Access Canvas & Compass
  • Access Zoom
  • Access your SPSCC email and Office365 applications
  • Access the Library database

mySPSCC is a single webpage with icons to quickly access all of these places and more.

graphic with ctcLInk and mySPSCC logos stating "student accounts: what's the difference?"

Office 365 & Software Downloads

SPSCC provides every student with a Microsoft Office365 account to support their success at the college. This includes Outlook email and OneDrive for creating documents online with web apps.

Office365 & Software Downloads