Steps to Enroll

  1. 1 Apply
    Submit a free admissions application online or in person at the One Stop in Olympia (Bldg. 22) or Lacey (Bldg. 1). Re-apply if you’ve been gone for 2+ quarters. It can take up to 1 week for us to process your application.
    Learn more » Apply for Admission
  2. 2 Activate Your Student Accounts
    When your application has been processed, you’ll receive an acceptance email with your ctcLink ID. Use your ctcLink ID to activate your two student accounts: your ctcLink account and your ClipperID.
    Learn more » Activate Your Student Accounts
  3. 3 Plan to Pay
    Fill out the FAFSA or WASFA to apply for financial aid (grants and loans) and learn more about funding and payment options.
    Learn more » Pay for College
  4. 4 Get Placed
    Take a Guided Self Placement for English and math or submit test scores or transcripts to get placed in the correct classes.
    Learn more » Placement & Transfer of Credit
  5. 5 Get Registered
    Complete the Pathway Selection Survey and New Student Advising & Registration (NSAR) to learn about resources, meet advisors, and pick your Pathway and classes.
    Learn more » New Student Advising & Registration

  6. Pay Tuition & Fees
    Finally, don't forget to pay tuition and fees online or in person by the deadline. You can be dropped from classes you registered for if you don't pay on time. Payment plans are available.
    Learn more » Tuition & Fees