Steps to Enroll

If you've already explored our Areas of Study, made a visit to campus, and discovered what makes us great, it's time to apply to SPSCC.

Become a student in 5 simple steps:

  1. 1 Apply / reapply.
    Apply online or in person at the One Stop desk in Building 22, Olympia Campus or in Building 1, Lacey Campus. There is no application fee.
    Learn more » Apply for Admission
  2. 2 Get connected.
    Your email account is ready to be activated 24 hours after your acceptance. Activate your new student email and log in to the college network. Check it daily for important messages from the College.
    Learn more » Setup Student Email
  3. 3 Determine funding.
    Fill out the FAFSA to apply for financial aid and scholarships. Then visit the Financial Aid Portal to ensure your financial aid application is complete.
    Learn more » Pay for College
  4. 4 Assess your skills.
    Take the College Placement Test or submit your high school or college transcripts. Attend an optional free Test Prep Workshop before the test.
    Learn more » Placement & Transfer of Credit
  5. 5 Attend advising & registration (NSAR).
    Sign up for NSAR 3-4 weeks before new student registration. Sign up ASAP to get an early shot at registering for the classes you want.
    Learn more » New Student Advising & Registration

  6. Pay tuition & fees.
    Missing the tuition due date can mean missing out on the classes you want — even if you're already registered. Make payments online or set up a payment plan.
    Learn more » Tuition & Fees