Personal Support

How can the Personal Support Center help you?

Succeeding in school requires more than just academic support—while attending SPSCC you may find yourself struggling with financial, family, or mental health challenges.

The Personal Support Center is a one-stop support space that can connect you with both college and community resources that you need.

Email us to schedule an appointment. Start by exploring some supports below.


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Childcare & Parent Support

SPSCC has on-campus childcare, parent support classes, and other resources for students.

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Counseling Services

Take time with a professional mental health counselor to discuss what interferes with your ability to achieve your goals.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center

Find a safe, supportive community at the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Center. Learn about and appreciate diverse identities and experiences.

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Financial Resources

You have many support options when it comes to paying for college, such as scholarships, financial aid, workforce funding, and more.

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Get help with food or groceries for you and your family.

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Housing & Basic Needs

Learn about emergency housing, local housing options, and get assistance paying for rent or utilities.

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Find out where you can get access to on campus WiFi, computer labs, printing, or borrow a laptop.

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Get help with a gas card or car repair, or learn about Thurston County's free bus system.